The Spring Festival is finally over, the Spring Festival for many years, the only thing that makes me happy is thorough cleaning, the other is not happy at all, I do not know whether the old single dog and I have the same feeling, it seems more difficult to take off here.
Many dating network may be the initial point of universal love, and then slowly become interests, rely on their own difficult, the network does not give force, so the opportunity to know the opposite sex but the success rate is too low.
Empathy, it's hard. It's hard.
A hundred years to the same boat, a thousand years to sleep together.
Looking forward to it day and night
Never have an answer

Stand at both ends of the network cable
The same dilemma
The only answer
It's hard to love someone!
~ Some people chat and disappear
It is mainly the platform and reality too many complaining women x men, afraid of wolves before, afraid of tigers, too much concern, dare not to boldly understand each other. Many concerns, on the one hand, because once, excusable, on the other hand, too much, it is not good, can not once be bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the well rope, wrapped step forward. Aych! Say more are tears, their own happiness, or their own grasp.
It shouldn't be hard if you adjust your mind. Colleague, colleague's friend relative, relative, relative's friend relative, classmate, classmate's friend relative, business partner, business partner's friend relative… In fact, there are opportunities everywhere, just to see if you are willing to accept it.

Most did not find, just because the fate to look too heavy.
Wow, handsome, you foreign? Yes, now the circle is too small, so difficult, marriage website also has a lot of problems, of course, although difficult, but still want to thank this platform, at least can pass the time when boring.
Well, good luck, girl, because you're still young!
Handsome man is talented oh, you are still young, good luck!
It's not a matter of fear, but there seem to be too many bad guys.
Colleagues of colleagues, relatives of relatives, friends of friends, said very correct, the first problem is that people are willing to help you ah, the second is the older, the less single, the fewer opportunities are less, isn't it?
See the surrounding is always a pile of singles, and another pile of ready to be single, this era, the divorce rate is higher than the marriage rate, there are many older divorce, even old divorce. See the parents of friends and clients around divorce is also more and more.

It may also be that you have been single for a long time, and the expectation of finding another one has decreased, if you really want to find it, you will find that the butterfly effect will soon appear.