To Turkey! Three rescue team members set out in your pool

"Guo Qigui…" 'Here! "Yang Li Kang…" 'Here! At 8 am on February 9, the spring rain was continuous and a cool breeze was blowing. In Cuibai Road, Shenzhen Blue Sky rescue team headquarters, captain Li Xiang rehearsed the team as usual in the cold wind. The players lined up as usual. However, this time, instead of carrying out daily rescue work in the city, they sent off three team members, Li Xiang, […]


Love?? Life??

People who clearly like themselves can't be together because of too many realistic factors in today's society. Obviously they don't like people, but because of those adults so-called life should be factors, trying to force themselves to accept others. But the adults arranged again and again, and again failed. I don't know where it's going to end. Sometimes feel that life is really not interesting, […]


Winter whispers

I always want to go home early, but I always delay the time unconsciously. Looking at the horizon in the distance, the sunset has set, leaving a patchy afterglow, in the winter evening, like a sick old man, weak, without warmth. The weather has been bad these days. The occasional sunshine appeared, but also lost its due temperature and strength. By evening, it was foggy. Orange soft street l […]


[Play diary] White fish mouth small swim

Nie Er Music Square, is performing drone composition of a variety of patterns, Shenzhen has not been so busy for a long time, you come to see? ↓¤Look at the ↓¤passing ↓¤Yes, I watched it at the scene. ↓¤Close at handSugar ginger: the ancestors left good things, often eat cold warm stomach, heat and refreshing, as the saying goes: "eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, do not find a doctor […]


[People's voice] The people have worked hard all their lives, and there is no way to build a house

Group 5, Dianju Community, Daying Street, Shenzhen City, Yunnan Province, the house has been built for 3 years, the road is planted by people, there is no way to go in, the sewer pipe will not be installed, the old house is dismantled and there is no place to live, I hope the relevant government departments to help solve. ↓¤Research and village more old fire, almost did not put my tire dry explosi […]


[People's voice] Weird bill

The calculator will not add up, what is the problem ↓¤Looking at your bill. Can't you get a better picture? What's that on top of 79? Can't see clearly! In this case, you should ask the merchant before paying! ↓¤You are afraid to take the quantity as a special price, the quantity is just 79. Left because… Your ability to understand…. The latter price is unit price…. You're multiplying by the previ […]


Shenzhen water grinding rod exchange group manhole

Shenzhen is a vibrant and attractive city and an important economic center in southern China. In Shenzhen, there are many massage clubs, one of the most popular is the water mill. The water mill is a traditional massage technique that can effectively relieve body fatigue, relieve stress and improve sleep quality. In the Shajing area of Shenzhen, there is a very popular water grinding rod exchange […]


Shenzhen Luohu sauna water mill Hall

Shenzhen Luohu Sauna Water Mill Club is a massage club located in Luohu District, Shenzhen. Offering a variety of massage and water grinding services, this massage parlor is very popular among Shenzhen residents.This club is located in Luohu District, the transportation is very convenient. Whether you want to get there by public transport or by car, it's very convenient. There are a number of bus […]


Shenzhen Luohu environmental protection 668 index

Luohu environmental protection 668 indexIn the process of modern urbanization, the increasingly severe problem of environmental protection has aroused widespread concern and attention of the society. The environmental protection problem of Luohu District is the same, with the continuous development and growth of the city, the environmental protection problem of Luohu District has gradually become […]


Guangzhou Yipin Xiang vip login address

Guangzhou Yipinxiang is a popular restaurant chain in Guangdong, with several branches, and its delicious boutique dishes are popular among diners. Not only that, Guangzhou Yipinxiang also provides VIP membership service, which gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy more exclusive treatment, including more concessions and points accumulation.If you also want to become a VIP member of Guangzhou Y […]


Guangzhou bt Service Sauna Experience: A journey to discover the best experience

introductionIn this bustling city of Guangzhou, people are in pursuit of physical and mental relaxation and enjoyment. Among them, Guangzhou's bt service experience sauna is highly sought after, becoming a shelter for tired souls in the busy city. This article will take you deeper into the bt Service Experience sauna in Guangzhou, take you through this unique way of relaxing and provide you with a […]


Guangzhou Xintang sauna experience record

In Guangzhou, in addition to food and shopping, many visitors choose to experience deep relaxation and health care at the local sauna center. Recently, a new sauna center, Xintang sauna, has attracted many tourists to try it. Let's take a look at the specific experience of this sauna center.First of all, the location of Xintang Sauna center is very convenient, located in Guangzhou City, Panyu Dist […]


Guangzhou Tianhe qt place summary

Guangzhou Tianhe is a bustling business district and a livable residential area. There are plenty of business opportunities and recreational activities, including qt venues. If you want to find some good places to relax and enjoy life in this area, then this article is for you.First, let's understand what qt is. qt stands for "zit" and is a common skin problem among teenagers. A qt facility is a f […]

Guangzhou Tianhe Golden City sauna experience

Guangzhou Tianhe Golden City Sunna is located in Cen Village, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, is a collection of leisure, entertainment, fitness in one of the high-end club. As a well-known sauna club in Guangzhou, Jincheng Sauna has attracted many consumers. This article will tell you about the detailed experience of Guangzhou Tianhe Jincheng sauna. First, environmental facilitiesJincheng Sauna […]

Guangzhou Baiyun District sauna water ranking

If you want to try a sauna in Guangzhou's Baiyun district, you've come to the right place. Baiyun District is a bustling business district in Guangzhou, with many exquisite sauna and water clubs. Whether you are looking for a comfortable experience or a clean, relaxing environment, the sauna water in the Baiyun Area is sure to meet your needs.The following is our ranking of Guangzhou Baiyun Distri […]