Why can't a man give up a woman outside?

Men love women out there. Is there really no affection for the original wife of the family? In fact, men don't love what's out there. There are even men who don't love anyone. They prefer to be with a man and talk about their dreams. This may not even be clear to the men themselves. There are essentially two reasons why a man can't give up a woman outside. 1, a moment of understanding is not a man […]

I met a girl with love brain and married her

Let's talk about my situation first, an old ugly poor one, divorced in 2019, 2 daughters, and then met her in 20 years, 16 years younger than me, unmarried girl talked for 2 years, and then she is really in love brain can not get married, and now she has a little girl, three and eight months old! Who knows when the days go by! Awesome, I sent my friend @fifty two to see, I let him go to the school […]

Have you ever heard of a husband conflict? I have

Work touch fish to tease my mother-in-law, Wuhan mother-in-law, work audit, professional relationship leads to her really every ounce, plus I am not very much degree (I was ground really no temper), so there are often contradictions. First of all, let's introduce the composition of my home: Our husband and wife have a total of 2 children, the oldest is 7 years old, the first grade, the youngest is […]

Shut up if you can't solve the problem

Went to the night market, went a little late, out of the subway almost eight o 'clock. I bought two T-shirts and a doll, and then I wanted to buy some clothes for my elder sister. Last year, they were all too small. I picked clothes at a stall. My elder sister was more choosy about clothes, and the choice was not good. I put the clothes in my hands back on the shelf, go back, don't buy. Here the l […]

Why is it so hard to find a wife?

Want to find Guizhou, Sichuan peopleBuddha said that the past life 500 times to look back to the past life.In today's social environment, love? It's a luxury. Marriage is a gamble.Have a good attitude of willing to bet and lose, and know what the nature of marriage is. Good luck with that.Oh, look thoroughly, you should be an intellectual lady, now many girls are unwilling to give birth to childre […]

About the advantages of mutual care for the elderly

1) In reality, it is difficult for single elderly people to achieve pension through remarriage, there is a lack of strength, or can not stand idle gossip, or living habits are not in tune, and children are not able to care for you, in order to solve this problem, the society has launched many pension models, mutual pension is one of them, relatively speaking, more people can gather wisdom, relay s […]

That should count as a sign of respect. This is a natural person

When I have time to open the computer speed dating network to browse the post has always been a pastime for me, there is a long time not to deliberately browse the personal website. Today's online suddenly a reminder caught my attention, so and so canceled your attention to him, in fact, I have not paid attention to anyone for a long time, and did not pay attention to who paid attention to me, tho […]

Please, how can I survive loneliness?

I can't think of a single person's life, the last road is very difficult to go, lonely, sometimes feel that is enjoying loneliness, sometimes feel lonely so that people collapse! Lonely special want to have a word with food with, but the companion is not a commodity, find yourself like to buy, are strangers on the way, guess not through the heart, do not know the character!Find as many things to d […]

Haven't been here in a long time, and the old faces are gone? Miss once noisy

Thank you, speed dating, for keeping my account.He is no longer the age to find a wife, have the time, have the mood, and want to write out his experience for many years, perhaps who can have a little vigilance. Don't worry. Take your time.Thank you, speed dating, for keeping my account.Miss old friends, welcome new friends. Have the time, have the mood to say the New Year hope.Happy New Year!Happ […]

A person's Spring Festival tears, Thanksgiving, enjoy

Seeing this post, does it feel contradictory? Yeah, I think so myself.Well, people have to feel good about themselves sometimes. I remember when I was working, although I was a team, I didn't think there was anything bad, and I thought I could change everything. Yes, on my own, a little girl from the countryside, with my own efforts, I can make my teaching comparable to the teachers around me who […]

How does psychology mature When people reach the age of physical maturity

If psychological maturity is compared to smelting steel, then if the answer to the question of how steel is tempered is tempered in a raging fire, it is because you only see the surface and do not see the essence. The essence should be that steel can be made either by fire or by real methods if the temperature is up to standard. Then, if the answer to the question of how the psychology is mature i […]

On the way to marry, "or officials are easy to find!"

There is a feeling can not condense in the heart, say it is good.I have a classmate, the time of death and my wife's death is the same. My classmate is an official, I am a businessman, he has found two wives, the first is a political and legal cadre, after six months together, he thinks that the boy brought by this woman is too smart, afraid that his son will not be able to pressure others in the […]

Discuss, how to achieve a harmonious marriage?

I think the only way to get a good marriage is to know what a good marriage entails. As far as I know, for the average person, a harmonious marriage will have the following five conditions: food and clothing, safety, respect, easy communication, young and middle-aged sexual life ability. The reasons are as follows: If the conditions of survival of this relationship are not guaranteed, people will […]

I was looking for you

What are you looking for when you're older? [v2008]87 years old, too old.A cap for a bottle, a plug for a funnelLonely, find a talking partner, have a look after each otherLonely, find a talking partner, have a look after each otherLonely, find a talking partner, have a look after each otherI think I can leave my contact information here?Young couple old companyFind someone to talk to and keep eac […]

Sunset also has a lingering glow, more worth cherishing.

I'm about to turn 50, and many 45-year-old women in my hometown are basically retired. So I guess it's time to watch the sunset. I hope I can meet a suitable person to watch the afterglow together…ま も な く 50 に showed into し, therefore 郷 の 45 の showed more women の く は basic に resigned life し て い ま す. だから, the New Year を see に to る time だと think います. The sun の afterglow を a xu に see て, suitable に wi […]