Turn; An economics professor and doctoral instructor at a university in Shanghai has a monthly pension of more than 10,000, two real estate properties under his name, and an existing deposit of more than 1 million yuan. Anyone who sees such conditions must say "good", but when the professor proposed to the 50-year-old nanny who takes care of him, he got a bump in the nose. The professor was confused and asked the nanny why, the nanny replied that he now has a monthly salary of seven thousand, once he did the marriage procedure, the salary was gone, and he could not get the house, and he also became a "free nanny", and the fool agreed. The professor then asked, what are the conditions for marriage? The nanny said she'd marry her right away if she put her name on the deed. Hearing this, the professor fell silent. A nanny from the countryside, an economics professor with a monthly pension of more than 10,000, the gap between money and status is huge, so there are many people who think that the nanny has no reason to refuse to propose, which can be seen from the comments of netizens.

Most people think that being married to a professor brings not only a more comfortable life, but more importantly a rise in status, which cannot be achieved when working as a nanny. But we may as well stand in the nanny's point of view, she refused is not right? If you really agree to the proposal, then after the marriage, not only housework, take care of the professor or her, but also from paying to free, no one can not calculate this account?
Let's think about the reason for the professor to propose, a 68-year-old man, nearly old, the body's various functions are declining, not to mention the nanny has been taking care of, at this time to propose, is it really because of love? Perhaps the nanny herself also realized the professor's wishful thinking, courtship has nothing to do with love, and saving money while also taking care of themselves is obviously much more cost-effective.

It is not advisable to remarry according to one's own calculation.
Bahumum! Bahumum! Bahumum! 68 and looking for 50? The two people should have talked about the economy after the marriage, the professor does not want to spend money after the marriage! To a certain age, wealth, status, education and other everything is empty, the day goes by, the other side is healthy, accompany each other, and each other will share housework.
The relationship between master and servant is relatively simple, there will be no contradiction in getting along, and you can have companionship and care, which is already very happy!
If it becomes a husband and wife relationship, it is complicated, easy to get along with contradictions, and may not be happier.
And the age difference between the two sides is large, the cultural and economic difference is greater, but it is really not suitable for husband and wife.

Well, if you want better, ask for trouble!
Rich and cultural greedy woman young, and habitually knock on the heart of the abacus calculation and loss, no culture and worry about being calculated to get a children do not recognize the name, the older walk, served a two empty! So they are wasting themselves!