Do you still know me? It's been a while since speed dating. After coming in the day before yesterday, I have seen the school of Niu Niu, and I also know that fish and beans return to words. I've seen Dot's signature, and I can't leave again.
I once heard fish say that it is difficult to quit speed dating, and I also heard Sunny Day say that he is determined to quit, because Sunny Day has been in the speed dating station for ten years and achieved nothing. Although I didn't stand as long as them, I still haven't been on speed dating for more than a year.
Where did I go? I went to Kuaishou to play 1780 videos and also got a lot of attention from fans. Learned a lot of knowledge, but writing is missing a lot.
Today, I'm talking about speed dating, if it can be improved by adding videos and pictures together. Will have a very bright future. But speed dating must have speed difficulties, not know the salt and oil expensive. I'll just call it a drunken gaffe.
I'm grateful that speed dating still has me as a moderator, and I regret that I didn't do much work. I can only do one thing, and if I do too many things, I can't do them well. Today, I went on speed dating again. Stick to writing a banner here every month. From my heart, I would like to share with you what I have heard about marriage.
Who is this
I think there's a version called Mud
Whoever it is, welcome
The old stockade has deep roots. Please take good care of it in the future.
Hoof, you sure you don't know me? I still miss you. You got a target, right? Don't take money seriously, marry a wife is still happy?
Itinerant, I will not be ingrained. However, I still like you, because you are one year older than me, call you big brother.
As for care? Let's take care of each other. I have said that the road to marriage is a long road, and we need to support each other on the road. Introductions? Maybe not for me, but for you. Maybe what doesn't suit you is mine. Each has his own hobby, each has his own needs, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
All men are brothers in the four seas.
Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you!
I don't know you

Talk about a goal. I don't think so
Happy New Year to you all!
What is the fast hand account? I follow you. I am your fan
He's the sunshine