I always want to go home early, but I always delay the time unconsciously.
 Looking at the horizon in the distance, the sunset has set, leaving a patchy afterglow, in the winter evening, like a sick old man, weak, without warmth.
 The weather has been bad these days. The occasional sunshine appeared, but also lost its due temperature and strength. By evening, it was foggy.
 Orange soft street lights, a flash of cars, buried in the pedestrians, and roadside vendors hawking things, formed a warm heart of the picture. Perhaps, in the heart of every passer-by who is in a hurry to walk, the distant home has

Turn on a warm lamp waiting for your return.
 On the days when I ride to work like this, I like to go quietly while watching the passers-by passing by me silently. I think they, like me, are eager to return to a place called home after a busy day. Over there, there's waiting

To be, about love, there is warmth.
 
 I prefer half an hour on the way to work to enjoy my soul more than going home in the evening. No need to speak, just the activity of the mind.
 seems to have formed a habit for a long time, as soon as the car crossed the bridge next to the hospital, my thoughts began to fly, sometimes far away, sometimes very close.
 about myself, my relatives, and friends; About family, about friendship, about love; About the past, about the present, about the future…
 Ordinary life, not romantic, but also warm; Limited life, not wonderful, but also full. Thinking like this, I smiled unconsciously.
The article was short and precise.
That's pretty good.
Back you up.

Meeting here is a kind of fate, hope to become friends.

Lao Tzu said: A sage can achieve his desires without desires, and a sage can achieve his accomplishments without accomplishments.

No acquaintance, no acquaintance.

Speed dating is not a liability here.