Today with her husband do not want to eat at home, just think to eat duck pot, later after Yangming West Road of the so-called sushi shop, the heart of a hot said to her husband to eat sushi bar, because I have eaten in the university, but not authentic, looking at the shop's "appearance" thought it would be authentic, and then went in, it is self-help 48 yuan a, thinking it can also eat at that time there are 5 people, But this so-called sushi restaurant, simply let you eat vegetarian dishes, a few sushi, and then tomatoes, green vegetables, dried sesame, corn, a few dead shrimp, green melon, in giving you a pot, the so-called buffet hot pot is like this, I simply ate a few not on the set of sushi, but also eat a few boiled vegetables, hey, I regret to eat, and then the husband also called sake, 28 yuan, He said to drink boiled water, later more angry, a few people who came before us left, only the two of us, they only put green vegetables, I think I am not in the wrong place today, how to eat green vegetables ah, hey, anyway, a regret ah, just like my husband said, this kind of shop can only be a business, people will never go to the second time, Anyway, this is my personal opinion, compared with this to eat barbecue more cost-effective, meat and vegetables have, how you want to eat how to eat, there is also a dish put two greens, really is, hey Japanese cuisine is very light ah, I think it is not how I used to go to eat with my mother seems to want 59 a oh, crab, sashopu ~ shrimp, and lamb. All have, he took it out and we took it away, the cook did not dare to take it out, we put vegetables, tomatoes, and then we did not eat, and went directly away, you are not sitting in a good position, it is estimated that someone else took ~ to sit around the chef, and then along the conveyor belt side you can order a fried rice 28 pieces at least can eat full congratulations you entered the monk temple and nunnery Hehe, It's a diet meal
It is said that a head was found in Liang Hui, it is not clear whether it is true or not, I also heard about the false, I am in Liang Hui, how did not hear about it, I also heard about it, it is not clear whether I am also in Liang Hui, I did not hear about it… It's just a publicity stunt where you live, you know? I am that brother, Pinyin spell actually I guess a little, haha Yao Jiang police inside someone said that Lianghui primary school next to the fishing is the whole body, now is the head or the whole body ah, the original has its thing ah, the original you are not sure brother is also heard a night dare not go out, especially Lianghui people