Give you a story, hope you like the story and hope it will bring you good luck.

One day, when a blind man was crossing the street with his guide dog, a big truck lost control and rushed over, and the blind man was killed on the spot. His guide dog also died under the wheel in order to guard his master.

The master and the dog arrived at the gate of heaven.

An angel stopped them and said, "Sorry, there is only one place left in heaven. One of you must go to hell."

When the master heard this, he quickly asked, "My dog doesn't know what heaven is and what hell is, can I decide who goes to heaven?"

The angel looked at the master with disdain and frowned. She thought for a moment and said, "I'm sorry, Sir, but every soul is equal. You have a contest to decide who goes to heaven."

Disappointed, the host asked, "Oh, what game?"

The angel said, "This race is very simple, it is a race, run from here to the gate of heaven, who reaches the destination first, who can go to heaven." But don't worry, because you are dead, so you are no longer blind, and the speed of the soul has nothing to do with the body, and the simpler and kinder the faster."

The host thought about it and agreed.

The angel told the owner and the dog to get ready and declared the race to begin. She was full of thought that the master in order to enter heaven, will desperately run forward, who knows the master is not busy at all, slowly moving forward. Even more surprising to the angel was that the guide dog did not run, it followed the master's pace slowly next to it, and refused to leave the master one step. The angel suddenly realized: Originally, over the years, this guide dog has developed the habit of always following the master's action, guarding him in front of the master. The abominable master, taking advantage of this, was so sure of his victory that all he had to do was call his dog to stop at the gate of heaven.

The angel looked at the loyal dog and felt very sad. She said to the dog in a loud voice, "You have given your life for your master. Now, your master is no longer blind, and you don't have to lead him on his way.

However, both the master and his dog walked along as if they had not heard the angel's words, as if they were walking in the street.

Sure enough, a few steps from the end, the master issued a command, the dog obediently sat down, the day used contempt eyes to look at the master.

Then the owner smiled and turned to the angel and said, "I finally sent my dog to heaven. What I was most worried about was that he didn't want to go to heaven at all. He just wanted to be with me… That's why I want to help him decide. Please take care of him."

The angel was stunned.

The owner looked at his dog nostalgically and said, "It is so good to be able to decide in a competition, as long as I let it take a few more steps, it can go to heaven." But it has been with me for so many years, and this is the first time I can look at it with my own eyes, so I can't help but want to walk slowly and look at it for a while. If I could, I'd like to watch it go on forever. But heaven is here, where he belongs. Please take care of him."

With these words, the master gave the dog the order to go forward, and just as the dog reached the end of the moment, the master fell like a feather in the direction of hell. When his dog saw this, he quickly turned around and ran after his master. The remorseful angel spread his wings and ran after him, trying to catch the dog, but it was the purest and kindest soul in the world, faster than all the angels in heaven.

So the guide dog is with the master again, even in hell, the guide dog will always guard its master.

The angel stood there for a long time and murmured, "I was wrong in the beginning, these two souls are one, they cannot be separated…"

Finally, I would like to say that there is only one truth in this world, but in the eyes of different people, they will see different rights and wrongs. Why is that? In fact, the reason is very simple, because everyone looks at things, can not stand in an absolutely objective and fair position, but more or less wear colored glasses, with their own experience, likes and dislikes and moral standards to judge, the result is - we see the illusion.

"One of the joys of friendship is knowing to whom you can confide your secrets." If you are receiving this letter, it is because someone silently wishes you well, because you also love some people around you. If you're always saying you're too busy to forward the letter, always saying, "Send it some other time." You're never gonna do it. So, without excuses, take a quiet look at this ancient story from India and decide to do something for your friends, starting with sending this letter. When you say, "You are my good friend," please mean it. Look the other person in the eye when you apologize.

Never laugh at other people's dreams. Don't judge anyone. Speak slowly and think quickly.

Smile when you talk on the phone. Someone will feel it.

This letter should be forwarded 96 hours after you receive it, and you will find that after 4 days, life has changed. It's not a superstition.

Transfer to 0-4 people: Your life will change quietly

Transfer to 5-9 people: Life is what you want

To 9-14 people: The next three weeks you will be pleasantly surprised

Transfer to more than 15 people: Your dreams will come true.

This is a letter forwarded to me by a friend. I often get similar emails asking me to continue to forward, saying that if I do so, I will get rich, and so on. Usually I put myself as the end point, but this letter touched me because it said: "I received this letter because someone silently wishes you well, because you also love some people around you." With love, everything will be done.

This is a good luck letter to you, and it began in New England. A copy of the letter, drafted by Bishop Thoranthony of the Diocese of South Africa and sent by Vignora, has circled the Earth ten times. Now good luck has come to you, as long as you do it, send 2O copies of this letter website to friends and relatives or QQ friends, so that it is circulating around the world, you will be lucky in four days, this is not kidding, there is no need to send money, because luck is free.

Did you see that? I am silently blessing you. * ^_^ *
When we are used to seeing others with suspicion and evil eyes, we lose not only the truth, but also the beauty. May everyone have a pair of beautiful eyes and a beautiful mind.
See this story again, the heart is still like-like moved,
The story is very good, so that some people with colored glasses to see people, there should be a reflection.
In fact, the simpler life, the better…