It's so hot in summer, of course you have to walk the baby in the water
Enjoy the cool water, and want to free the hands lying flat with baby, this hot spring water treasure come and praise the collection.

1| Harbour One Gourmet Spa
It is said that the spa ceiling in Shenzhen, the new environment of facilities is clean and clean, the multi-functional swimming pool is full of sweat steaming, and the freedom of fresh fruits and drinks. No problem lying on your back.
2| Tang Yue Hot Spring HEAT JOY SPA (Chegongmiao Branch)
High pay-to-price ratio, massage bar, movies, no tips. Jade Volcano sweat sweat is super comfortable. Children eat, drink and play games, and adults are relaxed.
3| Yuzaki · Yuzumi Life TENZ(Futian Port Branch)
Wall full of drinks + seasonal fruit ice cream long eat and drink, you can also eat out before coming in. Cartoon board games can accompany children to play all day, sweat and health of various bath rooms can not be less.
4| Mission Hills Water Park
Summer of course to the water park, the big speaker waves super slide, water village children go in too happy, the giant drifting river rest and relax.
5| Shallow Shen (Shenzhen Store)
7,000 square meters can be enjoyed on 4 floors, and the bath area is very large and suitable for relaxing. National chain, great clean environment, good fruit drinks. You can lie flat with your baby in the veil compartment.
6| star altitude dream water world
Super fairy eyes full of pink paradise, with a wave is a large, high salary ratio. The dopamine summer Wave, the Unicorn water camp and the rainbow slide, he wants to play several times.
7| Dameisha Seaside Park
Beach play sand view, walk along the coastal road, take the baby to experience different scenery and night scenery. The water park is a great place to cool off with slides and fountains.
You've had a wonderful and enjoyable day
Want to know more about taking baby treasure out, remember to pay attention to my collection
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