1, Shenzhen Tang Yue hot spring sweat steaming
Tang Yue Hot Spring Sauna is a well-known spa chain enterprise in China. It is a comprehensive design leisure venue integrating various formats such as soup spring, sweat steaming, dining, guest rooms, foot massage, massage, tea art, film and television entertainment, e-sports and various characteristic sweat cave dwellings. Tang Yue Hot Spring Sauna has a number of different theme sauna rooms and hot spring pools, including golden grassland, Oriental Imperial Garden and so on. In addition, the center is also equipped with independent gaming rooms, empty independent rest areas, movie rooms, restaurants and other entertainment facilities, which can meet the diversified leisure needs of customers.
Address: 1st Floor, Block B, Taian Xuan, 109 Tairan 4th Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

  1. Moon Bay Spa
    Moon Bay Food & Spa is an entertainment complex integrating hotel, dining, chess & card, spa, beauty, etc., with a variety of special services to provide a comfortable and relaxing leisure experience. Moon Bay SPA is fully equipped with sauna room, wet steam room, push-back room and large bath, you can freely enjoy the comfortable experience of sauna and spa; There is also a lounge and buffet bar, which mainly provides various services such as ear picking, pedicure, hand trimming, foot pressing, head and shoulder pressing and leg loosening, as well as a variety of drinks and fruits. The bathrooms are understated and luxurious, with a wide range of toiletries, bathrobes and slippers, as well as a dedicated disinfection cabinet for storage.
    Address: Floor 1-5, Minmetals Building, No.61 Chunfeng Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
  2. Harbor One Gourmet Spa
    Harbor 1 Gourmet SPA integrates functional Spaces such as spa, conference business, China Film Harbor Cinema, Cantonese cuisine and KTV entertainment club, with a variety of facilities, including changing area, bathing area, sauna room, bath area, bath area and massage area. Among them, the bathing area has a large bath, three different water temperature pools, surfing facilities and ice pools, etc., the water quality is clear and soft; The auxiliary bath area is divided by partition to provide guests with private bath space. In addition, the Harbour One Gourmet Spa offers recreational facilities such as a restaurant and a cinema. The restaurant offers a variety of food and drinks, including fresh fruit, tea and Cantonese dim sum. The cinema shows theatrical films to provide guests with a comfortable viewing experience.
    Address: 1F ~ 3F, Podium Building, Jiafu Plaza, No.5 Guihua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
  3. Gold Coast Spa Club
    Gold Coast Spa Club is located in Shenzhen Luohu bustling business center, the total business area of more than 12,000 square meters, is a collection of entertainment, leisure and business in one with South American style comprehensive multi-functional high-end club. According to the editor of the shopping network, the Gold Coast decoration style is mainly in light yellow color, and tropical plants are placed on both sides of the aisle and in areas such as regional partitions to highlight the atmosphere of "seaside holiday". The services of Gold Coast SPA Club include spa service, lobby service, foot bath city service, massage room, foot bath room, beauty and spa. The technicians are professional and the service is thoughtful, which is well received by customers.
    5, water memory square healthy water will
    Shui Yi Fang Healthy Water Club is a bath as the theme, set bath, sweat steaming, rest hall, cinema style private room, food self-help as one of the large modern bath. Shui Yi Fang has a perfect team, service items include ear harvesting, pedicure, massage, etc., enjoy a leisurely moment of relaxation. In Shui Yi Fang, you can choose the soup pool to experience, and then you can enter the sweat room to experience the feeling of hot sweat; After steaming, you can go to the rest area to rest, or choose ear picking, scraping, cupping, pedicure and other items to relax yourself. In addition, Shui Yi Fang also prepared a rich food buffet, whether it is cold dishes, hot dishes, or river fresh, seafood are available, as well as a variety of seasonal fruits, drinks are not limited.
    Address: 4 / F, No.1 Jinlonghua Plaza, 230 Longguan Avenue, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  4. Gold Coast Food Water Party
    Gold Coast Food and Water Club is located in OCT Nanshan District, open 24 hours a day, covering an area of 10,000 square meters, set bathing sauna, massage health, eating, drinking and fun in one, providing multi-functional integrated services. Food water will be equipped with hot spring, swimming pool, sweat room, leisure hall, fitness area and other facilities, where the soak pool four seasons constant temperature, water crystal clear, clear to the bottom. In addition to soaking in hot springs, there are a variety of sweat rooms to choose from. The technicians are professional and considerate, offering a wide range of massage items, including Thai/Chinese/Hong Kong massage, pedicure, aromatherapy shoulder and neck, sole, back rub, eye care, ear picking, etc.
    Address: 9010 Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  5. Yuzaki Yuzumi Life TENZ
    Yuzaki · Yuzumi Life TENZ integrates Yuzumi culture, mainly wooden furniture, creating a simple style of Japanese, the first floor is a private restaurant, the second floor is a male guest bath, the third floor is a female guest bath restaurant and fruit drink buffet area, the fourth and fifth floors are chess room and massage room. Yuzaki has a variety of warm spring, for 38° constant temperature pool, male and female soup is separate. On the third floor of Yuzaki, you can also enjoy a Thai massage and an essential oil SPA. In addition, the store also offers a variety of food and drinks, including Japanese cuisine, teppanyaki, hot pot, juice, coffee, etc., to meet the needs of different tastes of guests.
    Address: Floor 1 to 5, Huating Skirt Building, Port City, Guohua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
  6. Royal Holiday Food & Spa
    Royal Holiday Food Spa is one of the top ten clubs in Shenzhen recommended by MAIGOO. It has 40,000 square meters of leisure space, covering 5 floors, and integrates spa health care, food and dozens of leisure and entertainment facilities. The club offers Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Hong Kong, aromatherapy massage, and TCM health care and physiotherapy programs; As well as soles, ear picking, hand pressing, hand trimming, manicure, back loosening, leg loosening, pinch and scrape feet, head massage, back rubbing and other projects. At the same time, there are 24-hour clean mulberry, dry and wet steaming, massage pool, super large screen LED cinema and other facilities. In addition, the club employs star-rated Cantonese chefs with more than 20 years of experience to update dishes more than twice a year, in order to create more taste enjoyment for customers.
  7. Diving in the water world
    With a business area of nearly 20,000 square meters, it takes Southeast Asia's gorgeous and elegant theme style as a super five-star indoor high-oxygen diving spa club. With Marine culture and diving sports as the core, supplemented by leisure and health care, beauty SPA, dining and entertainment, classic rooms and other projects, the Diving World is equipped with spacious and clean male and female guest areas, restaurants gathering local flavors, warm and comfortable rest halls, high-end and luxurious diving viewing rooms, fitness rooms, rest rooms, foot massage rooms, special sweat rooms and other facilities. At the same time, the club also has a team of diving instructors, providing internationally certified PADI courses training.
  8. Dream seeking Tang theme water meeting
    Tang Theme Water Club is located in the vibrant Shenzhen Henggang Cultural and Sports Center, is a Tang Dynasty court style as the theme of the spa club, luxurious decoration, from the Tang Dynasty court atmosphere to the waiter's clothing, all show the style of the Tang Dynasty. Guests can enjoy a variety of spa services here, including hot springs, sauna, massage, massage and more. The club has a section for men and women guests, each area has dry steaming, wet steaming, hot spring pool, independent bath room, massage room and other facilities. In addition, there are public areas such as video rooms, Internet cafes, billiards rooms, table tennis rooms, restaurants and other recreational facilities. Whether it is business entertainment, leisure health, or friends gathering, the dream Tang theme water will be the best choice.
    Address: 1st Floor, Ziyunting, Northwest corner of intersection of Huilong Road and Junhe Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong