There are many spas in Shanghai, I heard that this one is the ceiling, but the score of the review is also the lowest, I feel very strange, so I decided to come and have a look. The decoration environment can not be said, modern art style, very beautiful and fashionable, but it is not as good as the Qushui orchid Pavilion in Hangzhou. Buffet production is also good, in addition to the green dragon is limited to one, others can be made freely, eat enough four meals cost can also be. (799 person 24 hours) There are too few other free entertainment facilities, and there are no two TV movies to watch, which is a little boring. ##0 yuan to play the city # high-end atmosphere class This is too beautiful # weekend leisure time # city fun
The place with the most sauna rooms in Chongqing! Minimum 1 day
God knows how much I love saunas 🧖‍♀️ when I visited 🇫🇮 in Finland I was impressed by the ubiquitous saunas! In Finland, there is one sauna for every 2 people 🛀 most supermarkets, 🛒 companies and places of regular work have saunas in or near them.

But a sauna in Finland is more than just a sauna! You can have a sauna 🧖‍♂️ drink coffee ☕️ swim 🏊‍♀️ for a day!

Now Chongqing also has such a large indoor "sauna room"! More than just steaming, this huge "sauna room" in Chongqing is even more fun! Super invincible in line with the Chinese playing law! Water play 🌊 buffet 🍴 video games 🛵 movies 🎬 chess and cards 🀄️ spa ♨️… 48,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space, open 24 hours! 👪 Adults, children can really play in it for a day is not the same!

♨️ : Water Kingdom Happy Water World (Yuan Jiagang)
📍 : No. 128, 130 Olympic Sports Street
⏰ : 2⃣️4⃣️ hours
💰 : 119r/ person
🚇 : 700 walk from Exit 2 of Olympic Sports Center Station on Metro Circle Line

Yes, this is it. You go in there and you're totally free. You don't want to come out! I just want to lie down, sit down and take a bath 💆!

1⃣️ floor: Front hall lobby, where everyone change shoes 🩴, women 🚺 on this floor female guest department change clean bathrobe, there is an indoor bath can soak and rub back.

2⃣️ building: For men 🚹 The men who change clothes are on this floor. This floor is also for men to soak and rub their backs.

The bath area on the 1st and 2nd floor is equipped with functional hydrotherapy pool, ceramic bathtub, Finnish bath, Turkish bath and other bathing methods!

3⃣️ Building: The official play area begins on the 3rd floor.

👉 water park, wave pool 🌊 outdoor hot springs, karst cave hot springs ♨️ are here, the four seasons constant temperature, spring in winter and summer water play!

👉 Steam square: There are honeycomb steam, yurt steam and other different shapes and different functions of the room steam! There are so many rooms, you don't have to worry about crowding! Feel like one can enjoy 😎 a sweat room in private!

👉 After soaking in sweat, there is a rest hall on this floor to drink water "calm down", and the mother and baby room and smoking room are also on this floor.

4⃣️ building: This floor is especially suitable for children 🧒!

👉 Parkour kart, dynamic video game city, children's happy fort let children play 🉐️. Adults can also drive racing cars 🏎️ and play billiards 🎱!

On this floor, you can also eat seafood buffet in the food court, 🦞🦐🦪🍣🍉 a variety of Chinese and Western food combination, dazzling, extremely satisfied!

5⃣️ building: This floor is the most suitable for adults. There are chess and card room, health massage, Zen tea garden, time tunnel, shock cinema, mini KTV, gym, etc. It is really suitable for 🎎 couples, 👫 couples, big brothers 👬 sisters 👭 to have a good rest and relax here.

I brought my mom 👩 and she loves it, talking about bringing her sisters 👭 for a night and a day

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