1) In reality, it is difficult for single elderly people to achieve pension through remarriage, there is a lack of strength, or can not stand idle gossip, or living habits are not in tune, and children are not able to care for you, in order to solve this problem, the society has launched many pension models, mutual pension is one of them, relatively speaking, more people can gather wisdom, relay service, obvious advantages. It avoids the economic interest disputes caused by remarriage, the complex social relations, the interference of crows' mouths, and the involvement of human accidents. Avoiding the conflict with each other's children and relatives in the process of getting along, avoiding the problem of the other party's inability to support your old age after remarriage, avoiding the harm caused by being competitive, arbitrarily disclosing each other's privacy, belittling each other and elevating their own ignorance, avoiding the embarrassment of handling divorce procedures again, avoiding the defects of monitoring, small circle, sunshine operation, visible in plain sight, Many people do not want to go to the nursing home is because the nursing home has shortcomings, interests first, details of the service is too much, or lose dignity or suffer from the cold, it is difficult to protect the rights and interests of the elderly.

2) Mutual support for the elderly can avoid the loneliness of single, talk and chat, which is conducive to physical and mental repair. The team is the school, help each other learn from each other, also can use the way of sojourning, choose to live in a certain place for a period of time, enrich the old life. Priority is given to the city in which the members are located, and the members are obliged to provide the necessary accommodation and accommodation free of charge to reduce costs.
3) Mutual care for the elderly can greatly reduce the cost of the elderly, the estimated mutual care for the elderly even if the use of resident care is only equivalent to one-third of the general nursing home.
4) Mutual support for the elderly can jointly prevent foreign aggression. Prevent single people from being bullied.
5) Mutual support for the elderly can effectively prevent various security risks brought by living alone.
6) Mutual support for the elderly can reduce a lot of their own need to ask for trouble, especially the disadvantage of their own lack of ability can be made up. However, it is necessary to understand that this does not mean that others must have a complete obligation to help you, to understand that the principle of mutual care for the elderly is limited to the scope of the elderly, such as catering, escort, medical assistance and daily life mutual assistance, beyond the scope of economic exchanges such as business, labor, debt, etc., are not included. Some people think our relationship is so good, why not help me? In fact, it is not not to help you, it is not to meet the conditions, for example, you provide food and lodging help to the members, the members have the obligation to help you repair the house, repair appliances. Is it possible to rely on others to help you if you are not offering them help? And the things that your aunts and aunts do, the members are not obligated to help for free. I work for you, not for you, unless I want to.
7) Mutual care for the elderly is a non-profit nature, not an organization, but everyone has a consensus on this matter and comes together spontaneously. Everyone is the master, with your sincerity to help others in exchange for others to your sincerity, mutual help and mutual benefit.
8) This mutual support mode is applicable to single elderly living alone who have entered the pension stage and their children cannot take care of themselves but have pensions and medical insurance. The initial group members are a group of 4 people (more people can be grouped), and there is a certain age gap to ensure that there are successors. Pension support is not without thresholds. In addition to meeting the most basic conditions (referring to the basic cost of old-age care and independent housing), but also good conduct, moral, not to hurt the words, do not do harm. Abide by the convention, refuse to make mischief, do not say unkind words, do not listen to small ears, do not spread negative energy, do not form clique. Can get along well with others, have a clear understanding and firm determination to help each other, who is skeptical, no dedication, no humility, odd temper, do not speak of cleanliness and hygiene, love to keep cats, dogs and birds such as pets are not suitable for participation. Serious diseases or infectious diseases are strictly checked and speak according to science.
Specific rules to be continued
Ideal is very plump, reality is very bony.
Mutual support for old age is not realistic, mainly determined by human nature its firmness.
Two are friends, three are a crowd, four are a gang, five are a group… Wherever there are two people, there will be conflict. Federal pension will also be very painful, even if the three views of the same group of people together, ultimately not suitable for mutual pension.
There are too many factors. Anyway, even if the market is established, it won't be long before it breaks up. So pension support is really not working.
What a child thinks only makes sense on paper
I think most people think too complicated, eyes closed what can't be done?
Well said. Most people are not optimistic because most people want to show their smart, think too complicated, eyes closed what can't be done?
Marriage also mutual support also first follow physical and mental happiness! Difficult to meet the right half of the downhill section of life may be more beneficial to the quality of life for the rest of your life! It's worth pursuing!
Do not think about how difficult anything is, as long as you want to do it will be successful, this is faith. I'm happy for you guys to get through this, and I hope you live a long life together. But my observation is that most people have almost no chance of this road, what about retirement? There is no better way to help each other, and it is estimated that no one can bully you, because you are smart and alert, why not try it? Maybe this is a good way to go under the principle of fairness? Some people think this is a naive idea, this is the idea of the experienced people in society, why not make it simple?
It has nothing to do with what other people think or say, and everyone's opinions are also a form of verbal support to pay attention to your ideas. Is the owner trying to make it into a pension support facility? There's no need to criticize others for their different opinions. The existing old age mutual aid implementation to what step to share with you to feel.
First trial remote mutual assistance, has not yet come to live together stage, remote mutual assistance is mainly to solve the emergency needs of people, the purpose is to suppress nanny exorbitant prices, members of the simple mutual assistance is the current price provisions.