When I have time to open the computer speed dating network to browse the post has always been a pastime for me, there is a long time not to deliberately browse the personal website. Today's online suddenly a reminder caught my attention, so and so canceled your attention to him, in fact, I have not paid attention to anyone for a long time, and did not pay attention to who paid attention to me, those are the things I did when I just entered the website, but his cancellation of attention, gave me a reminder, remind me of those people I once paid attention to, should go to clean up. This is also a kind of respect for others to themselves, in fact, some small details still need to pay attention to….
May be to remind you: give a statement! hahaha
Ha-ha! Sister's right! Probably wondering why this ugly old lady is paying attention to me? Pay attention also ignore me, hum…. In fact, no matter who pays attention to who has no contact or contacts, it should cancel the attention ha… So what's wrong is wrong…
Concern about others and being concerned by others, just a certain point of this person is appreciated by the other side, this appreciation is extensive, there is no specific goal, this has nothing to do with marriage, and it is impossible to speed up the process of taking off just because the other side is concerned, taking off really depends on more than 50% of the efforts of both sides.
Yes! I agree with this view, in fact, the people I paid attention to at that time almost never said hello, maybe just appreciated one point, two points of each other,
People can not know, can not contact, can not communicate, but can not strip the power of appreciation, if there is no love that is just appreciation, if there is love that is appreciation + love, this is a natural person.
Hey hey, that's appreciate + appreciate = Please continue to appreciate
Ha ha, you can understand it this way.
My understanding of attention is that the other person is a passive personality who is interested in you and does not know what you want to throw an olive branch to find out what is going on, can get your attention and then write back to him.
Heheh! I haven't figured that out yet. Seems to make sense…
Reasonable may not be true, no reason may not be false, people have an eye edge on the active information ha ha
Sister, you also happy birthday, a few days ago seemed to be 57, ha ha

Assuming you follow him, he can unfollow you? Do not understand
Honey! Thank you very much. It's your birthday! Play together, is to show that so-and-so canceled your attention to him, I don't know whether I paid attention to him or he paid attention to me, anyway, it is canceled hey…. Hence my mass unfollow campaign lol….
Heheh! No one has eyes for me yet! Because my photo is a little hazy, hazy birds, foggy feeling of seeing flowers ha ha ha…
No, I said you are interesting to people take the initiative to message people, if the other person does not have a profile picture then let it be
What is attention? I understand. It was a whim.
Mm-hm! You grasp the accuracy of this Angle, occasionally flow to the regular blood to string a door, and I went to the door and slipped hey……
Good. How can you be happy, huh
Mm-hm! We're all fine! Happily drop, fingers, toes count the road of life has gone through two-thirds, the past can not look back, the future is unknown, only take every step of the present,
Yes, pretty sister is absolutely right!