Want to find Guizhou, Sichuan people
Buddha said that the past life 500 times to look back to the past life.
In today's social environment, love? It's a luxury. Marriage is a gamble.
Have a good attitude of willing to bet and lose, and know what the nature of marriage is. Good luck with that.
Oh, look thoroughly, you should be an intellectual lady, now many girls are unwilling to give birth to children, so let go of the conditions for giving birth to children, not married can give birth to children.
Thanks for your high-level comments, because of the reality of society, so I want to find a simple, as poor as I am happy people, such as fishing together, breathing fresh air, enjoying the beauty of nature is how pleasant life, but good luck seems to be very far away from me, especially in this website is even more so, there is no hope and no hope. Good luck to you, too!
I think so too, but it's hard

Can not completely blame the website, people now make people understand, the requirements of the inner world is unrealistic. I think like you are very simple, fishing together, climbing mountains, eating, if necessary, care about the pain of each other, but it is difficult, what to think? I don't know. Why don't you do what's good for you? How is it possible to always think about everything?? In the fish and bear PAWS can not have both, you want the same is the same, it is difficult to.
Jiangsu people are nice too.