In order to continue the emergency treatment construction of Lancang River to Laoying dangerous rock mass in the Great Bao section of Hangzhou-Rui Expressway and ensure the safety of construction and passing vehicles, traffic control is scheduled to be implemented on this section from October 12, 2023 to October 26, 2023, with the agreement of multiple departments. The specific control measures are as follows: 1. From October 12, 2023 to October 21, 2023, the traffic control measures of "intermittent alternate passage" will be taken every day from 8:00 am to 20:00 PM, and the traffic will be normal from 20:00 PM to 8:00 am the next morning.

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Vehicle detour measures during the control period: (a) Dali to the direction of Baoshan vehicles, two-way temporary "intermittent alternate traffic" control measures. Carry out temporary control at K2689+240, wait for passage (waiting time 30 ~ 60 minutes), and according to the command of the on-site staff and the sign prompt, enter the opposite lane to pass, drive to K2695+590 meters, leave the current lane to resume normal passage. (B) Baoshan to Dali direction of vehicles, at the Laoying interchange closure point intermittent temporary control, waiting for passage (waiting time 30 to 60 minutes). (C) Baoshan to the direction of the Nujiang River vehicles, at the Laoying interchange closure point intermittent temporary control, waiting for passage (waiting time 30 to 60 minutes). (4) Vehicles heading for Dali from the Nujiang River, detour to the Lao Ying toll Station, intermittent temporary control at the Lao Ying interchange closure point, and wait for passage (waiting time 30 ~ 60 minutes). 2. From October 22, 2023 to October 26, 2023, some sections of the road will take 24-hour road construction and overtaking lane security measures.

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In case of major danger, extreme weather and other adverse factors, the control measures will be adjusted in time. The specific control measures and detour routes are subject to the real-time traffic information released by the official wechat public account, Weibo, Douyin and other relevant platforms. During the construction period, please plan the travel route in advance, pay close attention to the prompts of the construction signs when passing the construction section, slow down, drive carefully, prohibit random lane change, and obey the command of the site security personnel. Due to the inconvenience caused by the construction, please understand! Yunnan Provincial Transportation Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau Baoshan detachment Yunnan Provincial Transportation Investment Construction Group Co., LTD. Baoshan Management Department of the fifth project Co., LTD. Baoshan City Public Security Bureau Traffic police detachment Source: Yunnan net ↓¤I know