Li Qi public rental property do not know what it is used for, is it come to pull a big lock everywhere to lock the car, or busy collecting parking fees, electricity, property fees? Every night after 11 o 'clock, the barbecue stalls are placed in the community, the sound of wine bottles, talking and laughing, and various sounds, the residents in the nearby living floor can share it. Occasional noise is acceptable, but this persistence, reflected to the property, is of no use at all. I really do not know what kind of protection this property brings to the owners and residents, and now even a peaceful night's sleep is no longer guaranteed. Just know to Sue the owner, cut off the water and power, lock the car to collect money, this late-night disturbance, never recognize the management, is it funny? Heheh.

Luohu Time 196 report
You don't have to give him the property to beg you. ↓¤Property is not parents, which can help you do things? Maybe more like a son, cleaning up the mess. ↓¤Now Shenzhen public rental or Wanhe home reputation a little better ↓¤Lock car does not exist, not in a hurry to directly change the spare tire, let him chain have no, or the car put a hammer, a few hammer hit ↓¤Passing ↓¤Most of the residential property is this ghost ↓¤What is the role of the property is not to hire a doorman * in the residential gate when the decoration? ↓¤Noisy ↓¤This is the property received bar barbecue stall vendors rent money is in front of the interests of how can be managed? Property is the owner to pay for the father! You pay him a salary and he rents out the front and back of your house, and you pay him when you go in and out!

Luohu mill rod water will drain
Check out for more than a year and call me to pay the maintenance fee, and you have so many problems when you come to pay. Directly scold back Laozi check out more than a year to pay **↓¤The world property general black ↓¤million and home public rental is exactly the same! Now the scope of property services is to charge, other regardless of the ↓ ↓ downstairs in the middle of the night those noise disturbance has never been managed, want to have a good sleep is difficult, the property is directly deaf and dumb, no big words ↓ My shop roof is occupied by half of the second floor, looking for tube to remove. You know how the property management answers, says look, people don't listen. Should we pay the collection fee?