Along with the early morning military training mantra, Huahai campus ushered in a day full of vitality and vitality # Yunnan University # dream start place # Campus Huahai # Fandai messy grass # Seeking the United States of Yunnan ↓ to make an appointment? ↓¤Pay attention to "Pingan Yun University" public number in advance to make an appointment, navigation "Yunnan University Chenggong Campus" north gate, the school gate gate has been successfully booked to brush the two-dimensional code can enter ↓¤Think about the year, also can not remember ↓¤or the Cuihu Lake has a historical and cultural significance. ↓¤Passing ↓¤Good

Luohu water will which good
The old community did not divide the parking space, occupy the parking space, often happen, did not expect me to meet, I drove the car to the parking space, a child and the elderly occupy the play, I drove over, and then they walked away, I think it is not the old man with the doll to play, then back a car, drove in, parked the car, and then back a message, I heard someone outside to scold me, Said I drove the old people and children away, the parking space they occupied was stopped by me, said I don't want to face, I have a face of Meng forced, originally thought that let them, who knows the family came to scold me, scold more ugly, also said I dare not get off, I got off and said with them what happened to this society? ↓¤Am I being bullied by unreasonable people in the community? ↓¤Human flesh is still good, some of which scrap motorcycles or tricycles account for. ↓¤Ha ↓¤" This is my drive…"

Luohu mill rod water will rank
I hate this kind of people, when I am not aware of it, but also say that I am a victim. Water parking, there is no home, first come first stop, before we lived in the old community is often people with bicycles or motorcycles deliberately occupied a few parking Spaces, make like their proprietary parking ↓¤bold shame him: "private cars can not afford to buy, but also to occupy public parking, is not the car is also stolen ????" You don't have to be polite to deal with this kind of people. ↓¤Alarm ↓¤Alarm ↓ People are deceived ↓¤Passing ↓¤Afraid of a spring, go down to reduce his face, rotten flowers do not recognize Cen, he dare to hit you win, lying underground open understand car emperor ready to change cars. ↓¤Are they all mute, why not give a sign?

How do you play in the water
Recently, Eshan, Shenzhen, Yunnan Province, police arrested a man suspected of drunk driving. In the alcohol test, the man refused to cooperate, many fancy "fake blowing". He said he had been drinking wine and insisted he had not bumped into anyone. He later said, "I drank a little Red Bull, that was a little alcoholic." According to the test, the alcohol content of Liu XX is 62mg/100ml, which is a drinking driving. Further inspection revealed that this was the second time he had drunk driven. According to law, the police fined 2,000 yuan for the second drunk driving violation, revoked the motor vehicle driving license and could not apply for it again within two years. Source: Shenzhen traffic police ↓¤Eshan some men like alcohol in public to see too many ↓¤↓¤Passing ↓¤Thought that the bacteria was poisoned ↓¤will play ↓¤Indicates that did not drink Yulin spring