Guangzhou Tianhe Golden City Sunna is located in Cen Village, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, is a collection of leisure, entertainment, fitness in one of

the high-end club. As a well-known sauna club in Guangzhou, Jincheng Sauna has attracted many consumers. This article will tell you about the detailed

experience of Guangzhou Tianhe Jincheng sauna.

First, environmental facilities
Jincheng Sauna covers an area of 3000 square meters, luxurious decoration, comfortable environment, with top SPA, gym, swimming pool, gourmet restaurant and

other advanced facilities. Upon entering the doorway, the spacious and elegant hall feels very much at home. Throughout the sauna, the area where the flow of

people is concentrated is orderly, and each area is very spacious. It makes people feel very comfortable.

  1. Project experience
  2. Massage program
    Jincheng sauna has a full range of massage services **** professional, skilled, popular with consumers. Because the technicians of Jincheng sauna are hired

from other places, the technology and service of these technicians are more professional and highly praised.

  1. Sweat room
    Jincheng Sauna sweat room area is very large, in addition to the ordinary dry steam room and wet steam room, there are a number of special sweat room, such

as spicy soup steam room, rose petal steam room, not only can meet the needs of different tastes, but also will give you a different comfortable experience.

  1. Swimming pool
    Jincheng Sauna pool is very spacious, divided into swimming area and swimming area, more suitable for parent-child play. The water quality here is very

clear, the facilities of the pool are also very perfect, with swimming rings, swimming caps and other supporting facilities, so that you can swim more

convenient and comfortable.

Third, enjoy food
At Jincheng Sauna Gourmet Restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of dishes, such as Chongqing hot pot, Sichuan fried food, and provide a variety of delicious

snacks and drinks. The ingredients here are very fresh, made of food Coca-Cola, let you eat very rest assured.

Fourth, consumption experience

  1. Price
    The price of Jincheng sauna is also very affordable compared to other high-end clubs, and the quality of service here is very good.
  2. Service
    Jincheng sauna service is also very thoughtful, not only fully equipped, high level of technology, and customer service attitude is warm and friendly,

whether you are old customers or first time consumers, will get the same warm service.

  1. Special offers
    In addition to price concessions, Jincheng Sauna will also launch some consumer preferential activities, such as holiday packages, points exchange and so on.
    The advantage of Jincheng sauna is that the facilities are complete, the service is good, and the price is relatively affordable. At the same time, there are

a variety of sauna business, to meet the different customer levels of consumer demand, so that consumers can feel the unique enjoyment and experience here.