As one of the most important cities in South China, Guangzhou enjoys beautiful natural scenery and a long history. Huangpu Shui Hui Leisure Place is a famous

tourist spot in Guangzhou city. It is popular among tourists because of its beautiful scenery and rich recreational activities. This article will introduce

you to the history of Guangzhou Whampoa Water Club leisure site, site facilities, play projects and other aspects of detailed information.
Historical origin
Huangpu Water Club Leisure Venue, formerly known as "Huangpu Water Entertainment Center", was built by Huangpu District Government in 2004 in Shayuan

Village, Huangpu District on the south bank of the Pearl River in order to meet the needs of citizens for leisure and entertainment. After years of

development, it has become one of the famous water leisure centers in Guangzhou. In 2010, in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of

the Huangpu Military Academy, the Huangpu Water Club leisure venue was renamed "Huangpu Water Club", and a comprehensive upgrade and transformation of the

venue was also carried out.
Site facilities
Huangpu Water Club leisure venue covers an area of 100,000 square meters, with Pearl River waterfront Park, theme restaurants, resort hotels, conference

centers and other facilities. Among them, the Pearl River Waterfront Park is one of the major recreational venues of Huangpu Water Club. There are many

special attractions in the park, such as water play area, children's playground, fitness walk, etc., as well as cultural and artistic facilities such as

musical fountains and art sculptures. Park lush green, fresh air, beautiful environment, is a good place for tourists to leisure vacation.
In addition, the Huangpu Water Club leisure venue also has a luxury conference hall, multi-functional banquet hall, private boxes and other meeting and

activity venues to meet the needs of meetings of different sizes. The resort offers high quality accommodation and is a good choice for business and family

Play item
Huangpu Water Club leisure area is very rich in play items to meet the needs of different tourists. Among them, water amusement facilities are one of the

characteristics of Huangpu Water Club leisure places. There are a variety of water amusement facilities, such as large water slides, jet skis, sailing boats,

kayaks, swimming and other projects. In addition, visitors can also carry out various fitness activities such as cycling, running and fitness in the park, or

bathe in the sun and play with the sand on the beach. For a more relaxing experience, head to the resort's SPA for soothing massages and beauty treatments.
For those who love food, the Whampoa Water Club leisure area is also a must-see. There are a number of theme restaurants in the venue, providing a variety of

cuisines such as Cantonese cuisine and seafood, so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Pearl River while tasting the food.
In addition, the Huangpu Water Club leisure venue also provides a variety of entertainment items, such as KTV, night show, movie theater, etc., so that

tourists can continue to enjoy entertainment activities at night after playing during the day.
Traffic route
Huangpu Water Club leisure area is very convenient. Visitors can take buses, subways, taxis and other ways to get there. Among them, take Metro Line 5 to

Huangpu Passenger Station station, walk to Huangpu Shui Hui leisure place. In addition, free parking is available on site to facilitate the parking of self-

driving tourists.
Sum up
Guangzhou Huangpu Water Club leisure place is a very distinctive tourist attraction in Guangzhou city. The facilities in the place are complete, and the play

projects are rich and diverse, which is a very suitable place for the whole family or friends to play together. Whether it is a holiday or a business

meeting, Whampoa Water Club Leisure Venue can provide services to meet the needs of tourists. If you are looking for a quiet, comfortable and scenic place to

relax during your trip to Guangzhou, you may wish to consider a visit to Huangpu Water Club leisure venue to experience the charm of Guangzhou's southern