Company profile
Shenzhen Longhua New District Minzhi Mei Mei Water Club, the office address is located in China's first special economic zone, Pengcheng Shenzhen, Shenzhen Longhua New District Minzhi Street Minzhi Avenue Hengling community Hengqin Building 5th floor, my unit mainly provides foot bath, health massage, chess and card
Address: 5F, Hengqin Building, Hengling Community, Minzhi Avenue, Minzhi Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen
Landline: (0755) Not verified, for reference only
Contact: Chen Jiawang
Mobile phone number:
Not provide
Postal Code: 518000
Other contact information
The phone number is 13829926075
Business information and basic materials
Legal person name: Shenzhen Longhua New District Minzhi Meimei water Club
Abbreviation: People rule Mei Mei water Association
Main Products: Not available
Business scope: Foot bath, health massage, chess (with license) *
Business license Number: 440310816314752
Issuing authority: Longhua Bureau
Business status: Continued
Established on July 12, 2016
City: Shenzhen Enterprise network Baoan District Baoan District Longhua
Type: Unit
Code: 81447954
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