Last year came to speed dating, the first time to read most of the Chinese and foreign men who are older than me, 90% of the older men's spouse requirements are 38 to 44 years old, the second requirement is the woman's economic stability. Our age can no longer go back, I know that the road to marriage is hopeless, and I do not have hope, so every day to see the new posts of the forum, it is also a pleasure, and it is no white to speed match.
The setting sun loves the sunset glow.
There are always fish that slip through the net
Sister, the same rice to raise a hundred kinds of people, do yourself, try to make yourself happy every day, better than anything. Fate this more mysterious things let it go naturally
Startled, thought it was Zhou Wu.
Don't be negative, after all, what is right for you should have, stay optimistic and face the reality
Forgive my ignorance, but who is Zhou Wu? Is he scary?
Thanks, sis. It's just a feeling.
Thank you Xiao Zhou brother, I am not negative, just feeling, fate this thing can not be met, take your time, maybe the fish in the net is not far away waiting for me.
I like speed dating forums very much, and the purpose of speed dating is to pick up a fish that escapes the net, and then enjoy a happy old age together.
It's scary, it's awesome, it's the only one in history.
I hope my sister is not forced, cherish the fate, is your always your, their own, but also delicate
Did you, now? So, what have I done to offend you? Am I getting in your way again?
Thank you sister, I have been single for nearly 30 years, before was busy earning money and for the daughter, did not consider marriage, these years at home only germination of the meaning of finding love, I think let nature is the best.
You're a young man. You're a good man. I don't think any woman your age would want to go for a snarky guy.
I'm being polite. Why are you being so snarky? Excuse me, am I inviting you or provoking you? Did I dig up your family's grave?
I didn't provoke you or provoke you, so why are you insulting me? Aunt Ben is not afraid of trouble, aunt I am idle is idle, to the end.
Sister calm down, according to my understanding, "look deep blue" brother said is a humorous words, for a humorous words, and bitter, hot pursuit, it is unnecessary. You should laugh at his humor, I guess, the so-called "Zhou Wu" is probably derived from your name "Mei Niang". Mei Niang is beautiful, capable, is the queen, the all-powerful, the hand covers the world.
How nice that is
Peace of mind, blessings will come

In a long time, calm and calm, can not be trapped in things, not trapped in people. Whether a person's happiness is deep or shallow lies in whether he can calm down, withstand loneliness, and control emotions.
My heart is very quiet, but others come to trouble for no reason, I don't have to swallow my pride to tolerate such behavior that corrupts the forum. I look terrible, look deep blue no need to see me ah, can completely ignore me ah, why insult me, treat gratuitous people, I do not choose to be generous. But thank you sister.
Look deep blue reply: startled, still thought it was Zhou Wu.
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Forgive my ignorance, but who is Zhou Wu? Is he scary?
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It's scary, it's awesome, it's the only one in history.

Good-natured jokes I am happy to accept, but malicious jokes I will fight back, although I am very gentle and aloof from worldly affairs, but I will never allow my good temper to bully me. If my name is not good or I look terrible, you can not look at me, directly ignore me, there is no need to export hurtful and mean.