Ten thousand people love, better than one person understand

The vast sea of people, countless people, can meet a lot of people, but met the heart of the people are very few. And really care about your life is not good, care about you tired or not tired of people, is very few.

Most of the time, the reason why we often feel lonely is not because we are afraid of a person, but because no one around us can really understand you. Wronged, can only silence; Suffering, can only endure. In this way, a person silently through all the suffering, carrying all the difficulties, alone through the world's bitterness and pain.

In this world, the most rare, than a person, can understand the pain behind you…… A poet once said, "I know you as well as I know myself." Simple words, but touched the ripples in our hearts.

We pursue all the way, all the way to pursue, not hope that someone can love themselves, but want someone to really understand themselves. Can understand the words we want to speak, can see through the weakness after we pretend to be strong, and then say to you: you don't have to say anything, I understand everything.

In life, there are always many people, do not understand your difficulties, so laugh at your weakness; Can not understand your grievance, so laugh at you pretentious. But you don't have to feel sad, because in real life, everyone has everyone's life. They have not experienced your path, so naturally they do not understand your suffering; They are not with you, so naturally can not walk into your heart.

I like a classic quote: Ten thousand people chase, as one person hurts; Ten thousand people love, better than one person understand.

It was,

People who really understand you are reluctant to let you cry, reluctant to let your heart break, more reluctant to let you sad. We will only do our best, give you the best of everything, and always stand behind you to support you and encourage you. May there be someone who understands the pain behind you. "class="syl-page-img" /> Famous gallery | Theodoro Rousseau

Someone once asked the question: What is the most difficult thing in the world? One of them answered, "Just understand."

Indeed, in this life, there is a person who understands you, it is fate, it is lucky, it is happiness. Because the people who understand you, the heart is the most true.

They know how to take care of your feelings, think from your point of view, think for you, and say things to you that are so true. When you encounter difficulties, they will pull you for the first time; When you are arrogant, they will criticize you harshly; When you are sad and cry, they will come to you immediately to comfort you.

No matter you are happy and happy, sad or sad, they will silently beside you, give you strength, give you happiness. It is said that ordinary company is the most peaceful. So understand your people, is probably the most warm.

Famous gallery | Theodor Rousseau

The world is both big and small.

Big, because we meet a lot of people, the probability of finding a good friend is less than one in a million. Small, because even if there is only one person around us who understands yourself, then there is someone who understands your world.

The long road of life, meet really understand themselves, understand their own people, too difficult. If you are lucky enough to meet such a person, please be sure to cherish it. Because a person who understands you is better than countless fair-weather friends; A person who understands you, soothing and warm.

The best feeling is not that I love you; Best relationship, not me here. It's about these three words: I understand you.

Wish for the rest of my life, there is a person who can cross the mountains and seas, waiting by your side, understand you more love you.

Acquaintance all over the world, bosom friend can few people? Don't blame the beauty of old, own fellow travelers. Thank you! Matchmaker, ask you a question, if there is a person who waits for you for three years and a person who accompanies you for three years, who will you choose? All want to find such people [including me], so can not find…… That's a bit straight. Ha ha…… This is a great article. It's great! Know how to understand when you know; You are sweet and you are bitter. The Times make it so. Don't understand poetry, don't understand words, temporary feeling just. Heheh.