Know for a few months, what should have happened has happened, is not in charge of going out to play or eat a variety of consumption, he did not buy a single, he bought a movie also tm special volume, parents have seen, her parents are very satisfied, although said not to spend much, but her attitude of course I can not accept, considering all kinds of marriage in the future, if I tell her not to spend money, It also seems that I am a very bad person, I decided to break the association is also right, she has a tutor married you insist on constantly changing friends is not more exciting than marriage, spend less money and do not have to be responsible, quite in line with your person. Li Yifeng costs money. Who do you think you are? By day Dreams! After eating and drinking did not flash, very good. When it happens, disconnect?? And when you get married, isn't your money her money your money? Although many families spend their own money and this comes out to say that the man spends money, in the words of cheating philandering men, men deserve to die… You can talk if you run out of money, but obviously you don't. One of the reasons for pulling x heartless you can count, I a colleague, talk about a friend, more than a year, spent tens of thousands, mouth did not kiss this has anything to do with the tutor, a little pull D heartless taste ah, don't spend this much money, not on not more loss on the big problem is not responsible, maybe my concept is older, If there is no relationship, break up is good, have a relationship, and then break up is very troublesome. Married with children can be immediately points, immediately points, this is what ah, today to bed, tomorrow to break up more is, you want to update haha, forget it, I still conservative a little more comfortable with some of our company a woman, older, yellow skin township, more than thirty, not married, later married, less than eight months gave birth to a carv, obviously married, and then strange is, The child is less than two years old and immediately divorced, only you can't think of, there is no can't do ah, this efficient era, I eat dry wipe wipe the butt and leave? Don't make a face out of it. Who's he supposed to be? I look at the name, it is a professional take-up, but a plate did not pick up, should be changed to professional turntable Chivalry good. Ugly woman, no doubt… To be an honest man, don't pull seven and eight, directly say: tired of playing, to change the target. On the contrary, not ugly, there is a little beautiful, but the character is not very good, very strong, is our company's ace sales director, a month income tens of thousands of Ah. Several of our good colleagues through comprehensive analysis, combined with other colleagues who are not a village with her is a nearby village feedback from the news, her goal is very clear, want to find rich men, ordinary men simply don't look up, but rich men certainly don't look up to her, she has a sister, a sister and a brother, she is the second, the older the bigger the drag, In the village strange eyes gossip, her parents can't stand to urge her every day, she has no way, so with this method, we call it by the essence of the child, and then the man in her eyes simply do not look up, but he hit the muzzle desperately chase her, so with crooked crooked borrow his essence to achieve their goals, the goal is achieved after the man is useless ah, And then find an excuse every day out of the interview business late home to create contradictions to divorce, men and her mother to the company to ask her not to divorce, poor, according to the industry ah, finally forced divorce, to say the truth, she is really a tough role, strong woman character, do things, do not drag, clear goals, quick action, You've been sleeping for free so many times and you're still thinking about other people's money and I think you're very cheap, and you should split up, don't delay the other girl. Go to the father to leave the son 666 money did not come out a lot, what should happen also happened, people dumped, do not have to be caught like Li Yifeng, Lou 666 you put people on, it is not difficult for people to stick this man is not a loss ah, sleep also sleep, the child also has, Do not have to raise this and the tutor seems to have nothing to do with it, but if you feel inappropriate on the next one, I come to see the fun, proud of everything, is a long time did not see such a clear post, shooting in front of the light, ha ha ha director SLR a little brain or have some money men must not look at this ah… It's rare to see such an anti-routine post. It's normal for a girl to pay, but maybe it's too much of a rush? Or how to think, how to communicate with her, can solve is the best, but don't learn girls don't say anything, let each other guess, but very tired some things can not deceive themselves, there is a problem with hesitation. Hahahaha The more you do, the more opportunities you have. She doesn't see you as a boyfriend. She's with multiple guys at the same time. Aren't you busy on blind dates? It used to be a lot. It was a lot more fun. Ha ha ha atmosphere group? I don't know who doesn't have a tutor. You're a detective haha, see what she does on some holidays no gritty no courtesies no sense of the world and feelings need to be maintained you're not yet clickbait. The landlord is cheating the day, the identification is finished ~ stars have to spend money to find a woman… What was the landlord thinking… It's just a story. Ha, ha. The legendary Smug vibe? A little money are concerned, not men do not spend money sorry for your ID name you need to go to Eyre to see the eyes, I have a familiar doctor to spend your money, you are unbalanced, what relationship does this have with the tutor, the landlord is also thinking logic chaos. Look at the eyes not expensive if the floor is the first man of this girl, it is estimated that you will not say this, happy you took the girl home! Isn't that right? If this girl is a big beauty, you wouldn't say so ~~ Obviously not the first two, as a result you begin to despise others, always find a variety of reasons to break up no money no tutor? You get all kinds of weird things… You're not a good friend Altman's dad's dad stole the show Good for you, do a lot for a little money, change when you get tired of it. I'm watching you. He is treating the eyes, to understand how big a thing to spend a little money, do not QQ shrink, let alone you sleep people that many times, if you go out P to spend how much money, you count an account you also earned. Accounts are not so calculated to break up, don't pull those reasons, appear very low head you and every day to comment on this woman is not as good as you, the woman loves to take advantage… It's better to work hard to make money yourself, you can only feed yourself with 10 a year. Who dares marry you? You don't have a clean mind. Really drop don't mouth other women are not good, this world has an attractive law, the more you call drop huan, you attract all this kind of you can understand the three views, advise points. Who in the comments think that men pay money and women are excellent, may you be so for generations to come. People are ordinary people, living ordinary lives. Don't let it get to you, get to the right place, don't rush to the base. This soup is delicious, Dong brother did not marry cleaning because poor indeed! More importantly, east brother never blind forced women is king, even if the parents of his girlfriend who started a business together did not look up to him and finally broke up, he did not force this woman today and force another woman tomorrow. On the other hand, some people think that every blind date is a problem with other women. From the point of view can not see their own problems, with ten years of affinity, is not that :baby_chick: like ~. In each other's eyes, the value of a few heart not number first say… How did you decide she didn't have a tutor? I want to know your dimension. Although they are all men, I don't like a girl who is very affectionate and fast with him! That thing clapped for love. There's no need to buy a candy store for candy when you've tasted it. I suspect it's a fishing sticker… But there is no evidence that the truth is in the hands of the few who have the right to choose Hey hey, from the level of civilization of our dialogue, we will decide whether you and the sky proud Xiang live in opposite beds, it is still you ah, proud old users know you, what is the joke this time? What does a tutor have to do with her not paying? Say you sleep, now pull this song afraid of pants a lift, find crooked break up just I will not be so no quality to ask prying other people's privacy, let alone with who sleep happy welcome you you see what you do, women say you, you also have the courage to fight others 🙂 I against who? On the matter, and never personal attacks say dirty words, civilization inflammation, I have been proud for ten years, what have not seen, admitted that before ds, but now the network of trolls I have touched the reality, I can temporarily fight the Lord this is brush existence feeling lonely lonely cold eat dry wipe the other woman on, after the public said another family is not, I spent a little money with someone (I'm sure you didn't spend any money on a decent present for her or her family), and calculated the details in my mind, ah, tut-tut… My home will not be so no tutor, you don't worry about not spending money on you is the risk of tutor? You want to split up when you sleep? I heard that az can cure you, your meds can be stopped and her life is a little enviable? Single, have kids, work well, earn your own money? You are too excellent courtesy is the traditional virtue of **** knot it, you two are fully matched, I also think that what should have happened has happened your story too much envy is a bit of no tutor feeling, the contact stage has come and gone before normal use, there are three views of the right to play and see both parents? God, merciless what post ah ah, what have got now regret to spend money has the ability to let the rich woman look at you to keep you ah even your family with seven aunts eight aunts all along to get rich month and month send money together rich forget it. From wechat I have met eat and drink flash, the price is too big not to spend money does not represent the tutor, you are best to cite some examples of swearing and fighting. The feeling of Huangpi is like this, do not accept early, so as not to regret later who heartless? Ha ha ha, the tutor is a good thing you are not a typical other people's mind male ticket, not worry about no one wants you AZ's new drug on the price of their own M are clear out, your three views are also barre You have nothing else to say, because you encounter too many men can not complain? Then you must try before you buy what you said is very good, give you a like from wechat so disgusting a man, want to delete all the replies to his posts, but can only delete 5 a day. Sorry, I will automatically shield you in the future, so as not to stain the eyes bad mood, limited human energy is not worth it. From wechat you should be so concerned about it, other people's things do not worry about, or you pay attention to it, under the guise of blind date to cheat free P more times (and see your post every time after the mouth, feel very capable), coupled with you every time there is nothing good (from your network name can be seen, professional receive what can be received, You take it for granted that all the girls who want to approach you are imagined as shi, according to the law of attraction, of course, as you wish, and then with your pattern and level, you are only worthy of dealing with shi), so pay attention to some are right, bless you from wechat I said, encountered good ability I will give each other red envelopes, don't say he does not give me money, I'd be happy to keep paying him. After you complain that the other girl did not give you money, then you have not thought about the reason? Everyone has a price from wechat, always take three views to say things, take a tutor to say things, say these do you have from wechat star short-term rental, I am willing to spend I also feel that you appear a little less professional. How is professional? For this kind of girl who is not willing to pay, get married and have you suffer! Why don't you transfer your ID to me? Haha.. Haha professional this is the biggest possible to understand the two-way is love, after marriage you see some things on her will only worsen, not retreat, but when? I don't think it has anything to do with the tutor. I thought that if you weren't polite, you said bad words, you spit, you didn't like it enough, you let the other person go, you find a new target, and then you go back and forth after the game is over. Normal etiquette, you're a loser? Do you want to binge on luxuries, snacks and drinks is OK? No basic decency, not worth a lifetime scum :rofl: You tell me who to share