A surname
The person I'm most afraid to see right now is you, and if you ask, I'm speechless, you know
It's too late
Taste it again
In haste
He's in his 40s
The dream is broken
The heart is hard to rest
May I ask
Where can I borrow wine?
When I woke up drunk
No longer ask about time
What do you mean?
Won't let me come?
Walk in the morning scenery, disappear in the evening wind, the past is like smoke
Why are you so unreliable
Silence is golden

Recently do you want adults, adults suffering, then only know haha, now just know
My heart is home to the countryside

Don't mention anything before today
Master Chen thinks too much, the green sky is the scenery for me. Honestly, I know what I want. Platform excellent women very much, but I want is ordinary and knowledge, not beautiful, not witty as who. I'm the one who can do it all together

Waiting. The premise must also be Henan mile. An inch of native one inch, do not be a lonely person. Equal to me, equal to her
You're right about that. I seem to keep getting it wrong
In fact, this is the best outcome, may not be happy, lost may not be unhappy
Send you two Na Ying song with flowers ~ misty flowers, spring flowers……
You spend it, I don't spend it, the flower is to see, the days are to accumulate, hard and Hanshui, the flower is a moment, can not withstand the wind and rain
Every day continues, tomorrow is the harvest of hope season, you have to wander out, or you will miss!
Perhaps not miss, is to choose too much
How much do you know about flowers in dreams?
Do you know? Do you know?
Just wandered out and missed it
Have to run all the way
Six years, I used to spend six years to prove that I love you, a person I love, a person who follows my ass and betrays me at the same time, and shows off everywhere, and then tells myself that it doesn't matter, I quit, and fulfill you.
Now I regret it, asking for my contact information and location, isn't it funny, no matter what you do, I don't want to see you
Well done, forgiveness is for people, not for adulterers, call Wudu head o(∩∩)o Be a legal citizen. Ha-ha Big Lang, it's time for you to take your medicine Let's celebrate with a bowl of wine Use wine to send arsenic to rice, good kung fu o(∩∩)o
All right, well, you gave up
Brother, I eat by mouth every day, said mouth force workers, how do you compare with me, I chat with customers every day to oral ulcer o(∩∩)o In fact, I admire the face to eat, ha ha Dude, you got it in you Used to do the bus with the face to brush, alas, it doesn't work, since then rely on their own hands to struggle, haha In fact, both hands can also solve the problem of personal happiness o(∩∩)o
I'm a decent person
o(∩∩)o Well, it's time for me to go to bed. Good night Goodbye, no more o(∩∩)o
We haven't met. Okay