Into middle age, in the confusion and confusion of contradiction,

Bestie friends said that 2 marriage is to make do, but also talk about what feelings do not feel ~~ Listen to friends tell the various troubles of 2 marriages, but still stick to their positions, which is sad and sad struggle, one by one, I not only asked her: "Why do you marry him?" In such a mess now? So why don't you get a divorce now? Why are you still holding on so hard?" Her answer was two words: "Face." Marriage is face, because face is not willing to divorce.

The origin of the original two marriages is because of the pressure of family and society, and someone always asked her in front of her, why don't you find a marriage? Some people always say behind the back: this woman is not looking for more and more old. As a result, after many blind dates, finally nailed down a marriage object, not in February on the flash marriage. I remember asking her, "That soon? Can you do it?" She told me this guy had a car, a house and money. Looking at her wearing a bridal dress, toward the world to vent her happiness once again, I cried my eyes, telling myself that happiness is so simple, but why they have been unable to find so simple happiness, is their own requirements are too high or they have not adapted to modern society? She kept saying I was too romantic and needed the affection of others too much.

After a period of time, she came to me to play, made a lot of complaints, I heard a little afraid. After a while to play and say that their men often do not go home, always say busy. Looking at this woman who has always been kind and hardworking, I can't find out much about her. Thought may be not adapted to it, perhaps because both have dolls, the old man always put his son and grandson as treasure. Sometimes there are contradictions. Two years later, I almost didn't recognize her when I saw her on the street. Although she wore expensive clothes and her makeup was brighter than before, she was gaunt and looked 10 years older than before. When I didn't know what to say, she told me that marriage is just a muddle through life, the man said that he had never loved and just wanted to find someone to take care of the elderly and children, life is like this. If you want to pass, but even if… I suddenly feel that the original definition of happiness is not so simple.

She has been married for 5 years, now she and her husband live a strange life, but she firmly told me that she will not divorce, because others will laugh at her. I felt suffocated, and I… what am I gonna do with my life, because now I'm facing the same confusion that she had when she rushed to get married…
Can not say that all the second marriage is happy
But there are still happy second marriages
I am currently on my second marriage and have been married for five years
I'm a happy marriage. I told you just to give you more confidence
It's the choices you make before marriage that matter
You're still here after a second marriage, and you want a third? Don't get yourself confused.

Oh, this sister, the second marriage is not terrible, terrible is whether you choose the right person, and how you do a qualified wife, your words and deeds will affect your happiness index. Don't be afraid, really move forward, don't look back.
Brother, sister has not been married 2, but is still hesitant to enter the role of 2 marriage…
Wrong, I thought you were saying I was married 2, sorry. Thank you for your encouragement.
Wish you happiness
I think your girlfriend might be happier if she put herself in her shoes

For example, the man who remarried has money, a house, a car, and your girlfriend wears good clothes, and the economic conditions are good, so is it possible to use it

For example, housework is too tired, you can appropriately ask hourly workers, so that women can relax a little, the other party's children have the elderly, then you can be a little less, because the man is a successful person, his previous marriage must rarely care for the family, so it led to divorce. Then your girlfriend is difficult to change his, can only adapt, then learn to find their own happiness, watch movies, learn to dance, or yoga, etc., to their own pleasure, may improve a little happiness index.

And your girlfriend no matter what, at least no longer worry about the family economy, it is also a big change, so she will not easily divorce, middle-aged women if too hard, the old also fast. So she's not getting divorced

Maybe she complains only occasionally, most of the time is satisfied

My remarried colleague also complained to me occasionally, but she was in good spirits.

Women are old fast, but also because of age, and family genetics, not necessarily the reason for remarriage.

And people's emotions are different from season to season

That's how I understand it
I saw halfway couples happy very little, as the saying goes, halfway couples want to each other, do not understand why you women have to go to second marriage, third marriage… Is it a financial consideration?

If there are no such considerations, it is actually fine to live alone.
You mean marry a rich old man, use the old man's money, and then go out and see a younger man you like, is that what you mean… haha
Brother, if those women do not marry twice or three times, and have no money, you will be difficult to find!
You know that once you've been married. Don't get too happy
Second marriage is two people together to live together, each get what he needs!
Curve to save the country!

!!!! High! It's really high!!
You're afraid of other women like that

My meaning is very clear, because women are more tired of doing housework alone, and this successful man will certainly not do housework, his purpose of remarriage is obvious, is to find a woman to take care of the elderly and children.

But women do housework every day, there must be complaints, and women who do housework every day, in fact, men also look down on. So when I say let the woman find her own happiness, not necessarily find a man, you are wrong.

When the woman changes a living method, she realizes that people, or contact more, then the fun of life is more, and can have a little common language with the man, maybe they can go out to travel together

If you dry every day to do housework, pay more, get may not understand, marriage is a need to operate.

The object of remarriage is not a woman's child. He doesn't need that much nutrition, and he doesn't necessarily eat at home every day

Men and women just think differently
According to my observation around, the family of second marriage is less harmonious, more bedfellows make do with different dreams, and more often quarrel. I don't know what the general social situation is like, and I can't seem to find authoritative statistics on this, but I think there is less happiness and more discord.
Sister said some truth, but maybe each family has their own difficulties, in short, looking at her I always feel that her world lacks some essential things, relative to me still feel a person a little more comfortable… Therefore, sometimes do not consciously feel confused, two times no family maintenance of marriage doubt.
Sister, I want to find a real happiness, but I don't know exactly what it is.
I'm just as conflicted

Modern daughter-in-law can only cook, men may not like, and we reach middle age, beauty has gone, there are children and the elderly need to provide, and work waiting, it is not easy at all, occasionally relax or have no decline in the future, can not go back, it is difficult to go forward

But I think will be desperate every life, maybe the boat to the bridge naturally straight, remarriage must think about their needs, but try to avoid the pain of the past, I think is progress.

The perfect marriage doesn't exist

A little happiness is enough
Sister, I agree with you.
Love needs to be managed, remarriage is even more so, but we can cherish and treasure every love as the first love, so that it is easier to be happy.
See what you say, I also feel the same, see more than listen to more natural think also more, worry about a lot of really don't know what to find, second marriage also have good, but see not much, a drag down is 5 years, women age is even more difficult to find, the home is more urgent, hi vexed also