I do not know why, always love the evening, can not say what the beauty of the evening, but more is feeling and helpless, like stepping on the autumn leaves, let people think deeply, let people sigh, whenever the evening will think, how much harvest today, like that autumn
The sun is always setting. It's always dusk
The old man knows that the sunset is late, and he does not need Yang to work hard.

Who will fill it?
The old ox knows that the sunset is late, and he does not need to raise his whip. Happy Dragon Boat Festival
Oh, so powerful, and the law to play for you, today you are not happy also happy
Oh, the festival has you this sentence, also can steal a day of joy.
Outside the pavilion, beside the ancient road
Always in love with the evening
Can't say what the beauty of dusk
But more is feeling and helpless
Like stepping on autumn leaves
Make one think
Let a person sigh
I think about it at dusk
How much did you get today?
Like that autumn
A poem written in sections
Mood, poetry does not matter