"Guo Qigui…" 'Here! "Yang Li Kang…" 'Here! At 8 am on February 9, the spring rain was continuous and a cool breeze was blowing. In Cuibai Road, Shenzhen Blue Sky rescue team headquarters, captain Li Xiang rehearsed the team as usual in the cold wind. The players lined up as usual. However, this time, instead of carrying out daily rescue work in the city, they sent off three team members, Li Xiang, Guo Qigui and Yang Likang, who were about to come to the aid of the earthquake stricken areas in Turkey. Processions, salutes, vows… From a firm and sonorous "to" to the uncontrollable "hug" before parting, after a brief farewell ceremony, the three members of the Shenzhen Blue Sky Rescue team carried rescue equipment such as life detectors and boarded the train to Hefei without hesitation. At 9:17 and 18:24 Beijing time on February 6, two 7.8-magnitude earthquakes occurred in southeastern Turkey, causing heavy casualties and property losses. Immediately after the earthquake, the Chinese government launched the emergency humanitarian assistance mechanism and decided to provide emergency assistance to Turkey and Syria. The first time that the news of the earthquake was learned, the Shenzhen Blue Sky Rescue Team also paid close attention to the international rescue information and responded positively. After strict screening, three members of the Shenzhen Blue Sky Rescue team were ordered to go out. (Above from left to right: Guo Qigui Li Xiangyang Likang) On February 6, Li Xiang, captain of the Shenzhen Blue Sky Rescue team who has been running in the first line of emergency rescue for a long time, could not sit still after seeing the news of the strong earthquake in Turkey. "Such a strong earthquake, almost devastating disaster, we have some professional rescue force personnel should rush to the front line." Let's look at the relief channels first and see how we can get involved." On the same day, he told the team of this idea, and has been paying attention to the dynamic information of the Turkish earthquake, and from time to time will understand the situation in the circle of friends to forward. "Teams with no international response experience are advised to stay focused first! Volunteers with strong English reading and writing skills are welcome to join the rear platform." "Epicentre and population heat maps, intensity maps and support team response information." "Shenzhen Blue Sky Rescue Team is ready and is expected to arrive in Turkey on the 10th"… Watching the news again and again, sharing the earthquake information, these days, Li Xiang did not sleep a good night. "We have been in contact about how we can go to Turkey, how we can participate in the rescue as soon as possible…" It is gratifying that Li Xiang's connection is very smooth. The relevant departments also gave full support to his public welfare activities, and quickly helped them open the green channel and complete the passport. "When I came up with the idea of going to Turkey, the players were very supportive and signed up. Finally, after an in-depth evaluation, we selected Guo Qigui and Yang Likang to go to Turkey with me." The author understands that Li Xiang has participated in domestic rescue missions many times, and was sent to Henan Province by the Anhui Emergency Department to participate in the national backbone emergency force training in 2022, and holds a variety of rescue certificates. The team of Guo Qigui is the Shenzhen Blue Sky Rescue team 5 class monitor, has many years of rescue experience, has participated in the flood rescue inside and outside the province. Yang Li Kang is the heavy machinery squad leader, is also an old team member, with a mechanical operation certificate, has participated in a number of rescue operations related to heavy machinery. "Considering that the current earthquake situation in Turkey is still unclear in the later stage, the risk may be relatively large, so the selection of personnel is also relatively strict, they have relatively advantages in physical fitness, skills, and experience in participating in rescue, I hope that our batch of 'your pool force' can play a good role in emergency rescue after rushing to the front line." Li Xiang said firmly. It is reported that after Li Xiang, Guo Qigui and Yang Likang arrived in Hefei, they will immediately meet with the Hefei rescue force. Initially scheduled for the morning of February 10, boarding a plane to Turkey to carry out international aid work. After the team set out, the author opened the three applications. They are not good at expressing their lofty words, the simplest words, the most determined pace to express the most sincere emotions, after the author also understood that in the process of collecting the rescue operation, the three people not only took the initiative to apply, but also at their own expense of 30,000 yuan for daily expenses, hoping to rush to the scene as soon as possible to carry out various rescue work. Help those international friends who are in disaster! Great love need not say much hope they can return safely as soon as possible! 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