An unintentional beginning, and an unknown ending, meet in this moment.
A couple broke up with much fanfare.
The woman invited many friends and relatives to criticize her husband's mistakes in the marriage in front of everyone.
"When his daughter was sick and had an operation, he not only ignored it, but also took half of the family's money and went to Antarctica alone." It is also called "Take risks while you are young."
"He did not like work, often came to work late and left early, helped him contact several companies, were fired or dismissed." I've been supporting my family all these years with the money I've earned."
"He doesn't do housework at home, never remembers my daughter's birthday and my birthday, and I gave him a designer wallet for our wedding anniversary. He sold it and used the money to play mahjong."
"I had postpartum depression, and when I needed comfort the most, he said I was faking it. I hit my head against the wall when I was in the most pain, and he laughed at me for acting and not even acting like it."
One by one, it does sound chilling. The woman narrated very calmly, the man was ashamed and angry, and in everyone's denounce and emotion, his face became more purple, and he could not refute all the facts. Finally, in a fit of anger, he swept away.

At this point, the divorce is irreversible. The two quickly signed an agreement, the man was forced to give up his house and most of his possessions, the child joined the mother, and the woman also put out a word that he would not see the child again. The couple parted ways.
After a few years, we met again, and happened to meet the remarried man.
It is interesting that the man who was once judged worthless by his ex-wife now takes good care of his wife and children. He poured hot water for his wife, who was on her period, and carefully peeled the crab shells and fed her crab meat for his youngest daughter. Where is still the old self-centered, oil bottle down do not help the macho appearance.
A good man asked his wife: How is her husband treating her?

The wife immediately beamed and smiled at her husband's advantages: "He loves his work, is motivated, cares for his family, and is intimate." The most important thing is that she also knows how to be romantic. She never forgets to prepare small gifts and flowers for me on all holidays. I am very happy and satisfied to marry such a person." Everyone looked at each other, unable to believe that they were hearing the same person we knew.
Talking to the man about his change, he was a little embarrassed, but still admitted that the failure of his last marriage had really brought him a huge blow. So that when falling in love again, those harsh words always float in my mind, often think of as a lump in my throat, very unpleasant.

However, after a long time, he gradually found that his ex-wife had mercilessly "uncovered the scar", but became his "love Bible". He clearly understands what the other person needs most in a relationship, and what the most repellent is. Follow a steed, gradually overcome, and actually slowly capture the heart, cultivation.
Later, we met up with his ex-wife to talk about her husband's second successful marriage. She wasn't surprised, just smiled a little ruefully and asked if we had seen a cartoon about a cactus.
Of course we've seen it. The cartoon, widely circulated on the Internet, shows a man hugging a cactus and walking away covered in thorns. And the second person to come, smoothly hugged the prickly cactus, from then on a happy ending.
She said: "I know that at the beginning, I pointed out his shortcomings in front of so many people, completely did not take into account his face, and indeed did too much." But he is like that cactus, I can do my best to take away his thorns, but if he does not feel the pain, he will not wake up, can not repent. Then even if he meets the next better person, new thorns will still grow recklessly, and both are injured again.

"People hurt, know not to hug the cactus next time; Cactus pain, just know to converge its thorns, do not let embrace its people hurt." "She said.
We were all cacti once.
When you are loved, you never hide the edge of hurting people, because you feel that no matter how wanton hurt, the person who hugs you will never leave.
Until one day, the man suddenly pulled away, and the most terrible thing is that the moment they broke apart from each other, a thorn with flesh, blood, pain and trembling, only to understand what is mutual injury.
This memory goes deep into the bone marrow, and finally unforgettable.
And then we meet the next person, and we're careful, and we're walking on eggshells, and we start to change.

Ask for advice when ordering food; No longer holding the microphone while singing; Each other's birthdays, birthdays of each other's relatives, anniversaries and holidays are recorded in the mobile phone reminder; Send flowers no longer just take a bunch to go, even inside the chrysanthemum do not know.
Listen gently in every conversation, look the other person in the eye, and feel the other person's mood; The other side said "cold", not hastily said "drink water", but rushed to wait for the side; No longer open the mouth is "your father your mother", but the cordial and graceful "our father our mother"…
There will still be an itch in the wound, which is the desire and struggle of the body to produce a new thorn. Then clench your teeth and dig out the little thorn that emerges, forever.
Because I've seen the results, I won't risk any more bloodshed.
That's what the last hug taught us.
The best to give is not to take away a thorn in the identity of the victim, but to let the other side pain to no longer have the idea of thorns. Since then, careful management, understanding and tolerance, peace and joy, quiet life.

Unfortunately, the woman mentioned above has never married again. Asked why, she said, afraid to meet the second cactus. Can not hug the cactus, finally began to learn to hug. People who can hug, but dare not extend their hands again.
For this divorced man such a huge contrast can also be understood in this way, before he did not do well, nor did he not understand how to take care of his family feelings, because he did not love, did not want to do those for his ex-wife, his remarried wife was very much in his mind, so he was willing to do cattle and horses. Ha-ha.
In reality, when a friend was still alive, her ex-husband not only did not pay for the family, but also often took her money to spend, and refused to send her daughter to school. Even if the friend did not have time to pick up the child due to work occasionally, he would not help pick up the child, and he did not love his wife and even did not love the child. Then he cheated on her with a good-looking woman who worked in a bank in her teens. After divorce married the beauty of the bank, he not only worked hard to do business to support his family, heard that he earned money, but also did housework, gave birth to children every day. Very considerate of his little wife.
So don't put the man's bad responsibility on the woman, the man's 360 degree change a lot of times just look at people.
This is rare
Between men and women is a single thing, who cares more about being held, most people in marriage will change, basically care about each other to change themselves, so don't put their previous bad to each other, irresponsible and irresponsible on the ex. The previous marriage was obviously very bad for the man, there is no sense of responsibility for the family and marriage, if you can change your mistake to take responsibility for your children and wife, then it is still a good man, rather than changing a woman in that complacent, the latter wife is like a servile slave, the words and scene description flatter people want to vomit, clearly deeply hurt the ex, What kind of cactus is used for example, which woman can really turn off men for N years
The story must have been written by the hero, in which the author apparently gloated over the ending of his ex-wife
This man is not a good bird at all, what your father your mother in the text to call our father our mother, see my disgusting chicken skin, ha ha.
You are for the material, rice, oil and salt
I don't think I read the text.
The author is like an outsider, and his cactus metaphor and comments on "thorns" are well written, unlike the man himself.
The hero in the story is a slag, in short, very dislike. Also do not like this bad guy but have a good ending chicken soup article, hehe
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