People who clearly like themselves can't be together because of too many realistic factors in today's society. Obviously they don't like people, but because of those adults so-called life should be factors, trying to force themselves to accept others. But the adults arranged again and again, and again failed. I don't know where it's going to end. Sometimes feel that life is really not interesting, even their own love can not be completely by their own. So many things to think about!! Think too much of themselves do not want to always can not be tied into the sedan chair ah, cup ah, I also if really love, first love once again say, there is no afterlife of this life is too selfish, parents the most pressure… People who clearly like themselves can't be together because of too many realistic factors in today's society. You'd rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bike. But at the end of the day, we still sober up, or quit two bitches, we have some things are wrong, say what misunderstanding is not wrong, interesting? Funny, I know what you're good at, and that's calling people names without quality. Fuck you! Am I talking about you?
The owner of the opposite house is too strong, selling a variety, how to win but others, the heart is very depressed and with great pressure. Her home to one into one, happy to go out one, my home is no one to ask, really sad blow, can not afford to hurt ah! This kind of business is really ~~~~ I was so scared that I didn't want to open the door. She used to work in sales, and then she did business in a very competitive place. Now to my house across the door, sister can not afford, let and let not, really make people sad! I can't do what she did. I don't know what to do. I can't breathe because of the pressure. What are you selling? I'm gonna cry. Don't cry. What are you selling? Do you sell women to the home I am not in Yuyao, in the field, is a wholesale market, originally peers are more, the home of the powerful let me feel very incompetent, or she calculated her life, behind the scenes what small action is really too incompetent. Being stronger than everyone else keeps you alive, doesn't it? It's a tough day. Mentality is the most important to adjust the mentality to prepare for the battle floor pig refueling will not be so different? You ask your relatives to go to his house to buy some things, see if they have any magic weapons you buy something and give a kiss! ~ ~ ~
Lonely night in the dead of night, a person in front of the computer alone to listen to music alone, no one in bed, such as once loved once people, have gone with the wind to the future of the good future people, where in the end !!!!!! All said once, why remember again
I am so happy that the army informed me to join a secret team. Let's have a look at my photos as a soldier………. It's all mine haha………….. The legendary nameless soldier with a brain injury
A few days, the forum happened such a big thing is some shit, no fun, and no one died of love what the west situation? I visit the forum every day, I didn't find anything big ah, belly hunger scattered in what situation you run in front, we follow. I just don't understand why you're running. I can't believe this post has gone viral