Today's black tea has been received, thanks again to the people's network, thanks to the people's livelihood plate the difference between the winning black tea and the past is: Independent packaging, more convenient, and this runsiqi red jasmine princess won the title of "2019 World Black Tea product Quality Selection Gold Medal" in the 15th China Tea Industry Economic Annual Meeting and 2019 China Tea Industry Brand Ceremony, so I gave my colleagues a pack to taste the iron box packaging, very high-grade, very texture after brewing, there is an instant jasmine fragrance, drink a sip, Let people feel happy, as if into the flowers and plants ~ a small bag can soak the amount of about three times - ☆ - advanced - ☆ - do not show up for the award? At least wear a mask. - do - people miss small brother sisters hard -- - can be good - - well - being is being fostered - envy - do - praise zambrotta - a - can - do - being home tea eggs - do - congratulations - do - set of sports lottery should learn welfare take the lead to disguise, cooperate with the - do - why am I not the lottery? Get involved in events, make connections. -- ☆ -- Good -- ☆ -- Good -- ☆ -- Small package a number of bags ah -- ☆ -- thumbs up
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