First, the water cooler incident
When her daughter was almost a year old, she was curious about everything, especially about the switch of the water dispenser, her grandmother was worried about her, and she was watching and not stopping to stop, to know that this is a difficult thing, adults always walk away, and her daughter can move around in the walker. So I decided not to look at it, the water dispenser switch is not very dangerous, as long as the water will stop, rather than constantly afraid to watch it is useful to let her hot once, soon she was hot, and remember that it is dangerous, for a long time did not touch. By the way, I told her that we stopped her because this thing is dangerous, so remember, there's a reason why adults stop you from touching something, and don't think that one-year-old children don't understand, they will understand. Well, girls get it earlier, boys get it later.

  1. Socket incident
    When my daughter was almost two years old, she was very interested in the socket hole in the wall, so I took her tape recorder and told her that there was electricity in the hole in the wall, which was needed by the tape recorder, and that when you plug it in, you need to hold the plastic part at the back, which is safe, and if you take the two pieces of metal in the front, you will die, and when you put your hands in the socket, you will die. The daughter is still very in awe of death, although not necessarily understand how it will be, but in short, it is a very bad and terrible thing. In the days less than two years old she learned to plug in the socket, from that day on we often ask her XX to help me plug in such a socket, she often dragged her tape recorder this room to listen to, and then dragged to that room to listen to, do not ask us to help her. Well, she has lived safely until now, never touched electricity, I have not worried about her electrocution, I even told her, if you see a wire you want to know whether it is live, you can use the back of your hand to try it, if there is electricity, it will hit you, it will be a little painful and numb, but remember not to use the palm to grasp it, the back of your hand will bounce off, there is no danger, the palm will grip it, That would be fatal.

Three, dress and change PP
When her daughter was two years old, she wore her own clothes after taking a bath, but she would find a way to be lazy after wearing the fresh energy. One day after taking a shower, wearing more than half of the clothes, he said to me, Mom, you help me dress. I am very happy to say, can, but there are conditions, to help you wear a suit you let me play it, I like your PP play up the feel. She thought about it and agreed to the exchange, so I helped her put on two socks for two shots of PP, which I still remember hurt my hands. After finishing her face was very embarrassed, and I was very intoxicated there to praise her PP play up the feel of how good, will make people addicted… The next day, when wearing clothes, I was very happy and asked to help her dress, and repeatedly stated that I liked the feeling of hitting her PP, and hoped that she could give me another chance to enjoy.
Of course, until now I have not been able to find this opportunity to enjoy.

  1. Go home by yourself
    My daughter is two and a half years old, and has been in a small class for some time, and deeply understands the rules of stopping at red lights and going green.
    Once I took her shopping and told her in the downtown area that I was going to work and asked her if she could know the way home and if she could go home by herself. Of course, she thought it was OK, so I followed her far behind to see how she went home. The daughter waited for the traffic lights at every intersection very carefully, and even waited for the sixth green light at one intersection. Later, I learned that she not only looked at the green light, but also looked to see if there were other cars that might be running the red light, and confirmed that it was 100% safe before passing.
    In fact, when children take responsibility for themselves, they are far more responsible than adults think.
    Bugs are very lovely creatures
    I am very afraid of those soft flesh-worms, although I know they are actually harmless, but I am afraid.
    Children don't know how to be afraid, and my selfish intention is to teach my daughter not to be afraid to help me block bugs in the future. So one day there was a peach with worms, and I told her that peaches with worms were sweeter, and the bugs inside were very cute, fat and white, and they would crawl. My daughter asked if the bug would not bite me, and I replied that these bugs were vegetarians, and you were meat, too old for the bug to bite.
    The daughter is quite convinced that she holds the worm in her hand to watch it crawl around, palm back and forth, left hand to right hand to right hand to climb back to left hand, when eating the worm on the table to watch the worm eat, climb far to catch back to continue to see. I, I, I scream in my throat, I can't make a scared face, and if I look even a little scared, my daughter will be afraid of harmless bugs forever, and I can't remember how I finished my meal that time.
    She began to bring all kinds of large and small green worms back home, and finally my nerves became unusually strong, and I was no longer afraid of these fat and soft worms, and then I found that some green worms grew round heads and brains were quite cartoon. We always hoped that butterflies would come out, and it turns out that all these green worms eventually grew into moths, big and small.

Sex education
Every child asks where they come from, and I kept waiting, and when she finally asked, I took her to buy two anatomical drawings of the human body and found two physical drawings. Then it explains in detail all the organs, the function of each organ, and of course the different reproductive organs of men and women, where they come from and how they come out. The bottom line is you get in the same way you get out, but when you get in, you need a microscope to see it, and when you get out ten months later, you're a big baby. It's just common knowledge, and to be honest, I think so, and my daughter accepts it, and there's nothing mysterious about it. After knowing it so well, the daughter was no longer interested in it, and when people teased her, she would calmly tell them in detail where she had come from, as everyone does.

  1. Lie on the ground and cry
    The daughter rarely used crying as a means to achieve the goal, because once did not succeed, after a small class to see the success of the case, so live to learn and use, in order to eat white porridge with us one day or to give her alone under the strip lying on the ground. We do what we have to do as a family. We don't care. Here to thank my mother, she began to sweep the floor, when the sweep to the daughter lying place, said to her, come and lie in the past a little, here I want to sweep the floor, don't block, I sweep play you lie back. So the daughter continued to lie on the ground and cry, and then said, well, I swept this place clean, you can lie back. Two and a half year old daughter actually lying back in the same place humming and moaning. My whole family hid and laughed wildly. When the daughter of half an hour of air finally found the success of others in her body can not succeed, get up to please say, I think in fact, white porridge is also very delicious, and then he ran to eat a clean white porridge.
    Until now, I have never seen her lying on the ground crying as a means to an end. In fact, a lot of children's behavior is just a test, the first time to stop, basically will not have a second time the same behavior occurs.

Not eating is your loss, not someone else's
One day and I quarreled before dinner, the bowl on the table heavy put a vicious said, see you are annoyed, I don't eat. I immediately said, yes, but you can't eat anything until the next meal. The daughter began to feel a little guilty and continued to say that I am not saying that I do not eat, just do not eat with you, and I will eat after you eat. I answered her, either eat together now, or you save for the next meal, there is no third choice. She huffed and puffed and said I wouldn't eat.
We finished eating the table off, began to laugh and discuss, how there is such a stupid person, actually do not eat to threaten others, do not eat hungry is not others, laugh dead, actually take hungry themselves to threaten others, ha ha ha ha…… So at the cost of a hungry meal, the daughter learned that it is very stupid to threaten others by hurting herself. Nothing like that ever happened again in her life.
Limited toys, unlimited fun
My daughter grew up with very limited toys, basically no electric toys, all the toys can be packed with a big bag.
There are so few toys, not for economic reasons, because the fewer and simpler the children's toys, the easier it is to concentrate their attention, the richer their imagination, and the more they know how to cherish things.
Children like to play with water, daughter is no exception, my condition is, play with water can, but only the bathroom, and play well to clean the bathroom. A small bucket, a basin, an empty coke bottle, and a funnel, and a small spoon to kill the whole afternoon, she would use a small cap or spoon to get the water in the bucket into the big Coke bottle bit by bit, sometimes with the funnel and sometimes not, fill the bottle and pour it into the basin, the basin is full and then the water into the bucket in the same way, Sometimes press the above various sizes of tools into the bucket to the basin, fill the water to press no water to press half the water, press the opposite, imagine a variety of situations, a person has fun, and never tired of playing.
In small classes, the daughter can sit there for an hour or two and concentrate on one thing.
Teletubbies were my daughter's favorite program at that time, and they were also sold in the mall, she liked them very much, so I told her that she could have one on her birthday, and she could choose one of the four. On her second birthday, she waited for the second teletubbies, and everything she got after a long wait was worth cherishment. Since she was a child, the things she wanted most needed to wait to get, the longest waiting for a whole year. So now she is very cherish things, very understand the value, and what she wants will consider whether it is really needed.

There is a quota for learning to write
It was time to learn to write numbers, bought a tracing book, gave it to her daughter, and then told her that there was a quota, only half a page could be written every day, and it could not be exceeded.
Children learn things, always very interested in the beginning, hate can not write half a book, write every day is very happy, the quota is used up, the book was collected, it is useless, can only write tomorrow. So I got into the habit of writing half a page every day to be happy. I finished the process of learning to write numbers very easily and happily.
The key is to remain mysterious, to keep her hanging, to arouse her interest and curiosity, to turn her begging to learn to write into her asking you to write more, but must not say yes, and to continue to dangle her with quotas until the task is completed.

  1. Sharing
    My daughter is less than two years old (suddenly found that most of the behavior correction and shaping have occurred in the three years old), her grandmother often bought shrimp and fried shrimp for her to eat, once I saw it, I took chopsticks to grab a few taste, my daughter said how do you eat my shrimp. I answered who said it was your shrimp, picked up a spoon and ate half of it, my daughter reacted, scrambled to grab it with me, but how did she grab me, how did she grab me… Heheh! My daughter looked at the empty shrimp bowl and tears came down. I told her that anyone can eat anything, nothing is your own, and everyone can eat how they want. From that day on, I would share half of what she liked to eat. Children are easy to teach, and she soon got used to sharing.
    Sometimes when we see something she really likes to eat and we want her to eat more, we will say that I have a toothache and I can't bite this thing, or I don't like this thing very much… And so on seems very reasonable excuse, you help me to eat it, must use her tone, let her feel that she is helping you (of course, this kind of thing can not do too much, more is not interesting), then the daughter will eat happily, this is unexpected happiness. If the child does not learn to share, he will think that he deserves it and will not feel happy, but as long as others share even a small bite will be angry; And children who are used to sharing will feel surprised and happy even if they eat more than one bite. Eating less will not have an impact on life, knowing how to share, easy to get happy mentality will benefit children for life.
  2. Do it yourself
    When I was relatively young (which year really forgot, but must be less than three years old), I took her downstairs to play every day after dinner, there were many children in the square, some children would bring some toys down, my daughter sometimes wanted to play but did not dare to say, so I asked me to help her say. Of course, I refused, telling her that this is something you want to play, either you go to discuss borrowing to play, or don't play at all. After a few days of patience, she finally took the first step to borrow the same to play, of course, sometimes can not borrow, but most of the time can still successfully borrow. As long as it is successful once, it will be much easier to do things in the future, and children are familiar creatures ah. Then she realized it was easier to get what she wanted by taking a toy down there and trading it with someone. Okay, you got it.
    Thirteen, the failure of talent training
    When children are young, they completely rely on adults to survive, they can't protect themselves, so God gives them a gift, that is, fine discerning adult tone to make judgments, slightly older they will observe the subtle environment of life, even a small change can be found, this is also a gift or animal instinct, because they can't protect themselves. So it's extremely sensitive to environmental changes. When the child is one or two years old, almost all parents will find that the child is very observant, and almost photographic, then the parents will be surprised, but soon, when they grow up, more and more powerful, the talent will gradually disappear, how to maintain this fleeting talent?
    In that sense, I failed. The method was simple, but I kept going until I was at least six years old… Unfortunately, the opportunity will not be repeated if it is missed.
    Every night to the child to read a story, when the child can speak, let him repeat yesterday's story, can not tell it read again (please believe the child's memory talent), can repeat it to continue to read the next paragraph, from short to long day after day, perseverance, five or six years old, you will find that the child can not forget, heard the night before the big story, You can recite it almost word for word the next night. Later, because you can completely recite the story, take the book to read, and know the words against the book is simply a natural thing. This requires parents to have a strong patience and perseverance (self-blame ten thousand times), every child is actually a photographic genius.
    My cousin succeeded, and it was only when I failed that I realized how powerful her parents had to be to create a genius like her.

Fell, bleeding
The daughter fell outside, and found that the skin was broken a lot after getting up, bleeding, and nervous. After I squatted down to observe, grinning to her, ah, bleeding, we go back to find a bowl to put the blood up, can also boil the blood soup, very fill, don't waste it. The daughter's tense nerves relaxed in an instant.
Back home, I took out alcohol to help her disinfect, first to explain to her, this is disinfection, rub on the broken skin may be very painful, but do not bear the pain, the wound may become infected, maybe it will rot the meat, when the meat is more painful, or bacteria into the blood got septicemia, that will die. The daughter thought about it and said, then you disinfect it, I can bear it.
Dental fillings
After my daughter went to her little class, she finally gave up the habit of sleeping with a bottle in her mouth, but her two front teeth had been eroded a little because of long-term soaking in milk, so I planned to take her to have them repaired to prevent more and more decay.
Tell your daughter in advance,