Shenzhen Housing Provident Fund Management Center on the integration of provident fund personal matters to promote the "bright code can do" announcement Each paid-in unit and paid-in staff: in order to better meet the needs of the masses in different places for housing provident fund related business, a few days ago, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the "on the integration of housing provident fund personal certification matters to promote the" bright code can do "Notice. Shenzhen Housing provident Fund Management Center responded positively, promoted the integration of provident fund personal matters certification work, to achieve "bright code can do", and now the relevant matters are announced as follows: What is "bright code can do"?

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"Bright code can do" refers to the current use of employee deposit certificate, remote loan deposit and use certificate, loan settlement certificate of three paper certificates unified integration into the housing provident fund business handling Personal Information Form, and with a unified "electronic code" to replace the original three paper certificates. When the paid-in employees handle the housing provident fund loan business in different places, they only need to apply for the "electronic code" through the "National housing provident fund" mini-procedure and present it, so that the housing provident fund personal certification matters can be "bright code can be done". What are the benefits of "bright code can be done"?

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The "bright code can do" avoids the "two places running" situation in which the paid-in employees have to first issue a paper certificate of deposit and use of the loan at the deposit place, and then submit the materials to the loan place to apply for the housing provident fund loan, and also avoids the "two places joint office" waiting after realizing the "inter-provincial general Office". Paying employees only need to flash the "electronic code" in the provident fund business window to issue the "Housing provident fund business handling Personal Information Form", which is not limited by the place of deposit of housing provident fund, saving time and cost for paying employees, and greatly improving the efficiency of work. "Bright code can do" operation process (1) Deposit employees log in to the "National Housing provident fund" mini program, select "Service - business processing electronic code - information form application", click the submit button to apply for electronic code.

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(2) Display the electronic code after submission, click the bar code to view the electronic code number, and present the electronic code number to the staff at the provident fund window to query the personal information form. 1. The housing provident fund personal matters certificate "Bright code can be done" is used in parallel with the original paper certificate and issuance method, and is valid at the same time, with a transition period of one year. 2. The "bright code can do" service requires face recognition, and the "business processing electronic code" generated each time is unique and ineffective immediately after being checked. If you have any questions, please call the housing provident fund service hotline 0877-12329. Source: Shenzhen housing provident fund management center ↓¤Pass by ↓¤Originally buy a house loan to issue a variety of certificates, the head is big. How convenient is it now?

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