Shenzhen Water Club will generally provide a variety of projects to meet the needs of different customers. Here are some common items:

  1. Thermal baths: Hot springs that offer a variety of temperatures and effects help to relax the body and mind and relieve fatigue.
  2. Massage services: including full body massage, foot massage, head massage, etc., to help relieve muscle tension and relieve stress.
  3. Beauty salon: Provide a variety of beauty salon services, such as facial care, SPA, hair cutting, hair color, perm and so on.
  4. Gym: Provide a variety of fitness equipment and classes, such as treadmill, dumbbells, yoga, etc., to help keep the body healthy and shape.
  5. Swimming pool: Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are available, which are places for swimming exercise and relaxation.
  6. Cafeteria: Provide a variety of food and drinks to meet the needs of customers with different tastes.
  7. Conference room: Provide a variety of conference rooms for customers to conduct business meetings or hold various activities.
  8. Entertainment facilities: including KTV, chess and card room, video game city, etc., for customers to conduct leisure and entertainment activities.
  9. Outdoor sports: such as rock climbing, paragliding, etc., can satisfy customers' love and pursuit of outdoor sports.

These are some common Shenzhen Water projects, of course there are many other projects to choose from. The programs and services offered by different water clubs may vary, and customers can choose the program that suits them according to their needs and preferences.

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