Buy early to see a big rush, the car stopped have to say really worthy of the "luxury car", a road two roads, he in order to buy early, parked on the road, it took two roads, a road is occupied, a road after the butt accounted for a quarter, the morning rush hour, fortunately I ride the small electric donkey is definitely enough for me to eat melon, there is a question if he was hit by this kind of parking, who is responsible? ↓¤Bold to hit, to ensure that this birth of bad ↓¤Do not panic, take a mobile phone to take a photo ↓¤His responsibility to stop randomly ↓¤A look is the school around it ↓¤Painting? ↓¤Not afraid of direct against, how big big rush, Mercedes also points entry, middle and senior, S-level above Maybach, AMG, Mercedes-Benz is called Mercedes, The rest of the vertical Mercedes-Benz are Beijing Benz domestic Mercedes-Benz! It's hard to say who's to blame
Home * parking is too pit, I remember every time to Li Qi market there parking fees ah, how can owe it, still owe so much, is not chaotic, do not pay will be miscellaneous? What impact does it have? ↓ How can he take you without paying? How can the elder brother owe more than 5000! ↓¤Anyway, I have always had a back payment, the day it rained the bill is gone, the back is normal, but every time will remind there is a back payment. ↓¤I do not pay, not what? ↓¤Li Qi here will, I parking for more than 110 hours how to ↓¤Nothing, I have never paid, ↓¤Qujing not long ago there are a number of long-term parking does not pay on the list of broken promises, I do not know Shenzhen will also do this hand, Shenzhen is too short of money!!! What a mess!! ↓¤I in Chengjiang with how many times, not to say that you can pay the money, but also the fee point appearance, otherwise even if you pay the money will be charged ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Well ↓¤29-30-1 three days free ↓¤does not affect ↓¤↓ ↓¤Find him to invoice, report him for tax evasion ↓¤After I do not pay, white paid for so long. ↓¤The darkness is positive and negative