"Through the millennium, Together with the Mid-Autumn Festival" Museum Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day double festival, the museum more happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day double Festival is coming, Shenzhen Museum after 8 years, carefully planned to create the most anticipated "Museum night". When night falls, the brightly lit museum is waiting for you to play, and various wonderful activities are about to open, please take care of this list of activities, welcome to participate in the experience! Activity Time: 19:00 -- 22:00, September 27, 2023 -- September 28, 2023 Location: Shenzhen Museum Activity Content: Mid-Autumn Festival night traditional folk performance activity 1. Hanfu is one of the quintessence of China. The simplicity of Han Dynasty, the elegance of Tang Dynasty, the elegance of Song Dynasty and the elegance of Ming Dynasty reflect the elegance and elegance of the Chinese nation. Shenzhen Hongzhi Kindergarten, Shenzhen Normal University School of Literature, Shenzhen Hongta District Hanfu Culture Society to bring a national style to the audience. Performance time: September 27-28, 19:00-21:00 Venue: Museum Atrium 2. "Worship of the moon" is a very old custom in China, and it is a worship activity of the ancients to the "God of the moon". As one of the important sacrificial rites of the Mid-Autumn Festival, "moon worship" has been extended from ancient times and gradually evolved into the folk activities of appreciating the moon and praising the moon, and has also become the main form of modern people's desire to reunite and express their good wishes for life. The moon worship ceremony will be hosted by Shenzhen Hongzhi Kindergarten and the Ink Yun Chinese Clothing Club of the College of Literature of Shenzhen Normal University, and the audience will enjoy the moon together to feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Performance time: September 27-28, 19:00-21:00 Venue: Museum Garden 3. Questions and answers are set by Shenzhen Museum, and visitors are organized to participate in questions and answers related to Shenzhen cultural tourism. Audience answer the scene, the correct answer can get the Mid-Autumn Festival answer a gift, 10 gifts per day. Time: September 27-28, 19:00-21:00 Place: Museum Reception 4. "Through the millennium, Together with the Mid-Autumn Festival" -- Museum Night show opening dance: "Spending a Good Moon" Children's dance: "Reading Tang Poetry", "August 15 Full Moon", "Playing Mooncakes", "Joy Qin", tambourine performance, "Mountain Love Tour", ancient poetry Yulong + finger ballads, "Storyteller" Performance unit: Shenzhen Hongzhi Children's Garden Performance Time: September 27, 19:00-21:00 Location: Museum Small Garden Dance Performance: "Wind Flower Snow Moon" Performance Unit: Shenzhen Normal University, School of Literature, Ink Rhyme Chinese Costume Club Picture play: "The Taste of the Moon" Performance unit: Shenzhen Normal University Teacher Education School, "Child Language" volunteer service group Performance Time: September 28, 19:00-21:00 Location: Museum small garden Night of Mid-Autumn Festival - The garden will make full use of venue resources, firmly grasp the theme of "Mid-Autumn Festival Garden", set up five game areas, five garden items are: blindfolded moon, near the water floor moon, Jade rabbit set a circle, spending a good moon flying order, "Chang 'e" grab mooncakes. Each department of the museum is responsible for one area, the activity adopts the punch card system, the audience can participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival Festival games with the garden card, the game challenge can be stamped, the collection of stamps can be exchanged for the corresponding cultural and creative gifts or Mid-Autumn Festival cultural experience (ice skin mooncake production, traditional sugar painting), the collection of five stamps can participate in the lucky draw, the prize is Shenzhen Cultural Tourism gift package. Time: September 27-28, 19:00-21:00 Place: Museum front desk cloud explanation by Shenzhen Museum docent, shooting video "Mid-Autumn Festival in cultural relics", leading the audience to explore the "Mid-Autumn Festival" elements in the museum. Mid-Autumn Night - Night Tour Museum 1. Permanent exhibition and 3 temporary exhibitions are open for free during the event, Shenzhen Museum has 7 permanent exhibitions "Holy Land of Life - Paleontology Exhibition", "Footprints of Ancestors - Shenzhen Prehistoric Culture Exhibition", "Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition", "Skill inheritance - Shenzhen Intangible Culture Exhibition", "Flames of War - Yunnan Revolutionary Struggle History Exhibition", "Light of Civilization - Shenzhen Bronze Culture Exhibition", "Earth Fire Art - Shenzhen Ceramics Exhibition", 3 temporary exhibitions "Shenzhen: The museum of Nature and history theme exhibition "Enlightening Wisdom - Century-old Textbook Exhibition" "Strings and songs from generation to generation - South China's educational monument 'Mr. Pingshi' special exhibition" are all open for visitors to visit free of charge. Time: September 27-28, 19:00-21:002. Popular Science Cinema, open for free During the event, popular science cinema will play popular science movies for free, all visitors to the museum can watch popular science movies for free. Time: 19:00-21:00, September 27 -28 Visitors should wear Han Chinese or traditional costumes, and get a park card after entering the venue, first come first served. Source: Shenzhen Museum ↓¤Ordinary citizens to go, a travel fee? ↓¤↓¤↓¤Is it free? ↓¤It's fun to watch