Group 5, Dianju Community, Daying Street, Shenzhen City, Yunnan Province, the house has been built for 3 years, the road is planted by people, there is no way to go in, the sewer pipe will not be installed, the old house is dismantled and there is no place to live, I hope the relevant government departments to help solve. ↓¤Research and village more old fire, almost did not put my tire dry explosion ↓¤Guo Jing is also like this, the new house exterior walls are a layer of gray ↓¤to build their own did not buy the road? ↓¤Li Qi under the Heh also this, even pressure gold does not return, subsidies do not give, on the ZF when the ↓¤passing ↓¤This must be the building of their own, still waiting for which. Often go to pull water, people on the roadside are their own good cement road walking, the door is a row of houses to discuss their own watering each bar. ↓¤What? ↓¤Tong Guan is the same ↓¤See you are unified construction? The money includes the road does not, if there is to talk to the management of unified construction, let them repair the road ↓¤Our village to build houses each family more than 20,000, to contribute to the road. Are you reluctant to give it up? ↓¤Homestead road We here is their own fun money unified, water, electricity, these apply to others to install, drainage roads these are building their own. There are also some places in front of their own house, this kind of it will often appear some follow-up problems, unified whole is better ↓¤The door is not their own repair of their own? You want someone else to fix it for you? A row of water pipes about to go to the water company whole, there are regulations more than a few households together to report to the whole, a family is a big other wild, live not to have to give the grandchildren, see when the time to repair the good