In order to cooperate with the opening of the three thousand city shopping park and the relocation of the Hongta District government service center to meet the needs of the public to play, shopping and handling business since tomorrow (September 25) Shenzhen Central City 2 road, 10 road two bus lines will be optimized and adjusted part of the running lines, stopping stations have changed the relevant person in charge of the bus company said that 2 buses will increase 4 stations after optimization and adjustment City planning Hall Sha Tou village (Hongta District government service center) Feng Jiachong million Manor will take the inner and outer ring line operation for the first time at the same time, the starting station and the terminal are located in the million Manor clockwise, counterclockwise two-way departure to solve the problem of long waiting time for the public to improve the efficiency of public travel Zhou Hongjin deputy manager of Shenzhen bus service company, for example, you took 2 cars to the original Nie Er Music Square, it takes about 50 minutes. Now the adjustment may only take five or six minutes. At the same time, covering the three thousand cities on the shore, the residents of the nearby Shatou Village travel, they do not have to walk to the central city to Nie Er Music Square by car. In addition, the bus company optimized and extended the 10 road bus line adjustment, for the bank of three thousand city (Hongta District Government service Center) to the high-tech park, the operation line expanded to Riverside Road and Yujiang Avenue, the new bank of three thousand city (Hongta District Government center), the city planning Museum 2 stations. According to Zhou Hongjin, deputy manager of Shenzhen bus service Company, after the adjustment of the 10 road car after the planning hall around the three thousand city, the district government Bureau opposite to facilitate the masses, but also solve the three thousand city residents on the bank of the city to the central city traffic needs to optimize the adjustment of the two bus lines after the first bus departure time are 7:00 am and the last bus is 21 PM fare unchanged source: Wow home Shenzhen seven color cloud ↓¤Three thousand city cattle force ↓ ↓ Enterprise is the service it is good ↓¤Arrival time has an impact ↓¤Good, pay medical pension insurance can take 10 bus to go. ↓¤,,,,↓¤↓¤¤¤The distance between the two stations of the Urban Planning Museum and Nie 'er Square is two to three kilometers, and another station should be added. ↓¤Good ↓¤My husband half a day does not understand the ring line of the 2 road car, I explained to him half a day before a little reaction, really stupid ↓¤Passing ↓¤How to charge? Is the fruit farm the end? From the shore of the three thousand city sit to Hongta Mountain