Please live in Wanhe home jade Garden of the masses, pay attention to the jade garden door walk at hand treasure * convenience store, food safety is worrying, two boxes of jerky are all expired, but also eat in, really do not know how much expired food, I went in to find the boss theory, the boss quickly went to those expired all took hide, just forgot to shoot video, The general public must pay more attention to the shelf life in the future, or regret it too late, I have played 12315 ↓¤1000, did not run!!! But also accept the penalty of the market supervision Administration ↓¤Harm to others, retribution has not arrived! ↓¤Black business, support you to fight for your rights and interests ↓¤Stick pay 1000 yuan ↓ How the boss does the business ↓¤I buy things will look at the shelf life of the ↓¤owner, dig your nails ↓¤Encounter similar situations, remember to note, and then hit 12315 report
Too to Shenzhen people lose face a few dollars to steal ↓¤This is not a matter of money, is interest.