2023 urban and rural residents medical insurance has begun to participate in the payment of individual payment standards? What are the specific adjustments? How to pay online? (1) In accordance with national and provincial standards, the financing standard for urban and rural residents' medical insurance (hereinafter referred to as "resident medical insurance") in 2023 is 1020 yuan, of which the annual per capita financial subsidy standard is 640 yuan, and the annual individual payment standard is 380 yuan. (2) An annual payment system shall be implemented for resident medical insurance. The individual payment standard for the centralized application period in 2023:380 yuan for ordinary urban and rural residents, 290 yuan for those who have been steadily lifted out of poverty, and 200 yuan for low-income rural people who are included in the monitoring objects of the rural revitalization Department to prevent returning to poverty (unstable households, marginal households prone to poverty, and sudden severe hardship). (3) Subsidies for groups with special difficulties shall be subsidized by corresponding functional departments such as medical insurance, health care, and retired soldiers according to relevant policies and regulations. 1. Normal insured personnel in the medical insurance system before September 2023 do not need to register for centralized insurance in 2023, and can pay directly. 2, on-site processing: The newly insured or renewed persons can apply for insurance registration at the medical insurance agency outlets such as the Social security service center of the township (street) where the residence is registered or the village (residence) committee, the village health office, the bank with valid identity documents, the Mainland travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, the Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents, the permanent residence permit for foreigners, and other documents. 3. Online application: Apply for insurance registration through the wechat/Alipay mini program of Yunnan Medical Insurance, a mobile phone service APP, the National Medical Insurance Service Platform APP (Yunnan Special Area), and the Yunnan Provincial Medical Security Personal Network Department (website: https://ggfw.ynylbz.cn). The registration period for centralized participation is from September 2023 to February 2024. (1) The centralized collection period of payment time is from September 2023 to February 2024 (1st to 25th of each month). After the end of the centralized collection period, only the fees for the current year specified by the policy, such as newborns and people living out of poverty, will be collected from the 1st to 25th of each month. (2) Payment method 1. Pay through "One mobile phone for tax" (wechat public account of Yunnan Electronic Taxation Bureau, Yunnan Tax APP); 2. Pay through the "One mobile phone Service APP"; 3. Pay through two cooperative banks. Yunnan Rural Credit Association (Rural Commercial Bank) provides mobile banking, POS, online banking, smart teller machines, self-service equipment and counter channels, while Agricultural Bank of China provides micro banking, palm banking, Huinong POS, branch counter channels, etc. 4. Pay in cash at the tax bureau window of the tax service hall and government service hall of the insured place. Those who participate in the insurance payment from September 1, 2023 to February 25, 2024, shall enjoy the medical insurance treatment from January 1, 2024. V. Main payment methods and operation steps (1) Online payment (mobile payment) 1, "Yunnan Electronic Tax Bureau" wechat public account (1) User registration, login Users enter the "Yunnan Electronic Tax Bureau" wechat public account, click "business processing", and then click "My", unregistered users first click "register account" to register. Registered users log in directly. ① Click "Social Security Payment" on the home page, you can choose "independent payment" (the system will automatically bring out the payment information of the registrant) or "pay on behalf of others" (the system will automatically bring out the payment information after filling in the name, ID card number and mobile phone number of the agent, the rest of the steps are the same as independent payment). ② Select the payment type of "Basic medical insurance Premium for Urban and rural residents", click "Next", check the payment information, and then click "Next" to "confirm payment". ③ Payment method selection (At present, the "Yunnan Electronic Tax Bureau wechat public account" supports four payment methods: UnionPay online payment, wechat Pay, wechat QR code payment, and medical insurance account payment), and select the common payment method for payment. ④ If there is an error in the deduction process or other reasons that lead to failure to pay, you can continue to pay through the "fee payment" function in the "Social Security payment" module. ⑤ Payment is successful. The payer can print the payment electronic receipt in the "Payment Electronic Receipt Issue" module as the payment basis. 2, a mobile phone service APP download and install the "mobile phone Service APP", select "medical insurance payment", enter the ID number and name and other relevant information, according to the system prompts to pay. 3, Agricultural Bank of China mobile wechat public account Login wechat search "Agricultural Bank of Yunnan Branch micro bank" public account (or scan the QR code) click the menu "micro finance" click "social security payment" fill in the ID number, name check is correct, click "Next" select payment level to confirm the payment amount Fill in the mobile phone number select payment method click "to pay" enter the payment password to complete the payment Fee. 4, Rural Credit Society (Rural Commercial Bank) mobile banking APP Download and install "Yunnan Rural credit" mobile banking APP. After the installation is complete, click the upper right corner to register and log in to select Payment (Social Security Pass) Social Security payment Enter your ID card number or scan your ID card to query the insurance information Pay the medical insurance fee query the payable information Check and "submit" enter the payment password to complete the payment. (2) Offline channels (on-site payment) 1. Tax service window The payer carries the household registration book or ID card and bank card to the local tax service hall or the tax window of the government service center for payment. 2, the bank branch on behalf of the payer to take the account book or ID card, bank card to the rural credit association or Agricultural bank of China outlets, by the bank staff to pay at the counter, or at the self-service terminal operation of the payment. Six, Shenzhen county and district medical insurance and tax agencies contact phone source: Shenzhen Medical Security Bureau ↓ from 20 or 10, has risen sharply to the current 380 to is it? ↓¤Everything is up, that is, wages are not up ↓¤Do students in universities in other provinces have to pay? Today to go to the exam, before the exam said, this external salary only 1300, bought insurance left this point. Want to say live it is not easy to also pay hammer insurance, funny Gar ↓ this urban and rural health insurance (formerly called and for medical treatment), the money is paid in on time every year; If you have not used it all the year round, at the end of the personal account zero, we little old white family a little wonder whether the ↓¤will not be unlimited, please give me an indication ↓¤Collection ↓¤from 10 to 380, I just do not pay ↓¤I do not pay from this year, more and more expensive