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2023 Shenzhen Luohu which water will be the most open ah?
A lot of business trips do not understand ah # Shenzhen Luohu which water will be the most open # Luohu small partners, to recommend you Luohu must go to 10 places climbing, greenway, see the sea, enjoy flowers… 01. Wutong Mountain, with a total area of 42.04 square kilometers, there are eight scenic spots such as Wutong smoke cloud and Fenggu singing Qin, distributing small wutong and tofu head

The reporter went to the club to wash his feet was well treated, three red cards were optional, the boss: 2 hours unlimited times

The reporter went to the club to wash his feet was well treated, three red cards were optional, the boss: 2 hours unlimited times

The reporter went into a bath city, and after telling the manager of the front desk the price, the staff took the reporter through a long corridor to the so-called "sauna area", and after a while there was a knock on the door outside.

Two skimpy women came in, claiming to be sauna technicians, and the reporter pretended to be dissatisfied, so the two technicians quickly left, and in the blink of an eyes, the manager came in with the next batch of three girls.

The manager asked the reporter, you need to pick which little sister to serve you, three are not very good, service, you can rest assured that the three are red cards. The reporter picked one of the girls to stay, and began to talk with her, the reporter asked the girl whether it was safe here, the girl responded that it was safe, the reporter said to listen to friends say that Dongguan is very strict, but the girl promised that the safety of reporters can be guaranteed here.

The girl asked the reporter, you are worried about what aspect of safety, the reporter told him, afraid of the police came, but the girl confidently told the reporter: "can guarantee your safety." The reporter asked the girl if the police had not checked the place, the girl said: "Of course not, if it is not safe, why am I here?"

Although the girl said so, but seems to see the reporter is still not at ease, the girl told him that there is a way to go. So he went to the window, opened the curtains, and told reporters that when the police came, they could jump off the building and escape, and things outside could bear the weight of hundreds of pounds, so it was safe to jump from the window.

When the reporter wanted to ask more questions, the girl immediately became wary. Then asked the reporter to ask so clear what, but under the reporter had to excuse, there is an emergency. Quickly left the bathing city.

Hang sheep's head to sell dog meat, before listening to others say, many places in Dongguan are blatantly full of "Dongguan services", in fact, to put it plainly, is the sex trade, although the relevant departments have increased the crackdown, but many places will still exist this surface looks very formal and bright place, with a lot of dark activities.

No matter what kind of situation, you should know that this is a violation of the law, once you step into such a place to be caught, it is not only a disgrace, your own family, the criticism of outsiders, will make a person collapse. But these are external forces, and one has to cultivate the mind, not to try the law in order to seek stimulation, but also to refrain from some of their immature and relatively stupid ideas and practices.

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