Have a few credit cards on hand China Merchants Bank credit card 6W ICBC credit card 5W BOCOM credit card 4.5W Construction Bank credit card 2.5W Agricultural Bank credit card 2W Pudong Development Credit Card 1.9W CITIC Credit card 12W Industrial credit card has failed twice which bank credit card is good to use? Practical? You have to pay it back sooner or later. Why so many cards? The quotas are too low. The amount is high, no matter which one is good to use before I also did a lot of credit cards, Foshan men's spa is now selling cards to the Bank of Communications, investment, people's livelihood, peace. Ready to continue to sell the card industry and commerce, CITIC, leaving only one Agricultural Bank card you this is going to break the can break break the industrial and commercial bank points to exchange things is the most!

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Exchange a variety of small household appliances, American ginseng a variety of supplements, this year to exchange a variety of seafood like to use the bank of Communications, there are the most red Friday, twice a month 500-50. Credit card points can be deducted from the annual fee. Do not use the best, the bank is icing on the cake, lack of money when a variety of downgrades, so do not use the middle five are good, then pick, I think work, build good, Foshan City Nanhai District 800 fast food service wechat activities Ah oh ~ the user has entered the small black room to rest because of violations… CMB Everbright Pingan credit card and investment easy to use, investment cards often have a variety of concessions. Ping An card is valuable points, charge phone fees, fuel agriculture, other write-off, interested in wanmao with me each has its advantages, like food choice investment, like wool choice agriculture, like to do credit low rate choice ICBC, other several general I have reduced to one, the bank of China.

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At present, all credit cards are used by Agricultural Bank of China to collect wool, and the cash return is the most practical. It is basically about 100 yuan a month. Normal consumption is not necessary, and there is no need to spend Minsheng Bank specifically. The key is to remember to find my floor can go to the next door I love the card to see to improve the quality of the card and the number of lines to have more hair can be collected there are some discounts, Foshan leisure anyway I will not do so much, no annual fee is good, but there are some brush a few small amounts can also offset the annual fee Minsheng Bank recruitment, pay, bright are good to reduce debt, buy some financial management, Bank of China, industrial first, The postal savings, people's livelihood, Huaxia, Ping An, Bohai Bank can be a few, basically set up, and the quota depends on the effect of the subsequent purchase of financial management.

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Well, it looks like there's still a lot of people here and soon you'll be able to come up and sit… Is the quarantine phase two? Is this ↓ Xiamen rich more factories, live more normal lights off, wash early sleep, back pain, the pharmacy doctor suggested to eat this medicine… Most of Xiamen's new neighborhoods have low occupancy rates. The more lights on, the more people are isolated. Will there be a few buildings are good isolation use ah! There is no Foshan part-time group seems to be a quarantine area or quite dense… This is the quarantine area. How many people have been quarantined recently? Do they all live in collective housing? There will be a lot of people living in the subway factory, afraid of the smell of the latest haicang side is not serious, I have to support the past through the international trade

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Heard that Xianling Banner mountain, in Xiamen is a relatively high altitude mountain, while a person on the weekend, went to try to walk up from Shuanglongtan, it took about two hours to the top of the mountain, down the mountain for more than an hour the overall feeling, or more challenging, but the weather is not strong (cloudy), so the vision and scenery is not ideal, The next opportunity to go to Foshan Chancheng Yunjing leisure club try to note that the peak is just at the junction, recently because of the mask problem, pay special attention to the peak do not stay too long, otherwise if the system is judged to be away from the building and back to the building, it will increase unnecessary trouble (someone received a short message from Zhangzhou at the top of the mountain, A few days to go up after opening flight mode these iron stairs, armrests for a long time will not rust, there are hidden dangers? Beautiful from ten miles blue mountain to go up relatively fast road or walk a lot of about 4 people in the past to 80 points want to go to the next go to call me do not know the route this has to be taken to look at the air is so good want to go to the next go to call me to climb the mountain there will eat snacks taro brother Xianking taro crisp air is very good road scenery beautiful, climb high look. I'm willing to go. Ask the organization to lead the way
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