Xiamen Marathon on Sunday, participated in volunteer service, lost a pair of white Bluetooth headphones at 33km (near 98 Golden Key), Dongguan Water Cube leisure water pool headphones are BOSE, split type, if you found a friend please contact me, thank you very much!! That's a needle in a haystack…

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To do nucleic acid, let yourself rest assured you rest assured, everyone rest assured
Records of departures from Xiamen and Zhang to Ningde or Fuding or Wenzhou
Have a friend in the day of November 23, from Zhangzhou or Xiamen to Ningde or Fuding, Dongguan Dalang Mu foot shop which good Wenzhou? Some friends please contact me quickly, thank you. It's the 26th today. We're looking for the 23rd. There's a mistake

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Car often encounter this kind, wearing a mask well, take off the mask to sneeze and put it on, very disgusting, the whole process of spa that mask is what, lack of moral support spray back spray back only hurt each other, should be the bus subway rolling broadcast sneezing do not take off the mask, so as to have a certain deterrent. I believe that the landlord wearing a mask sneezes will never take off spitting is the most disgusting sneeze on the mask, you dare to continue to wear? Human nature is selfish double targets, including the Lord, although at this moment he is so standing on the moral high point, said so grand outside is to take off the mask spray spray in the mask?

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I sprayed in the mask last time, put me sick to, a big lump of snot paste on my nose, Sanya ktv singing girl price list and then rub rub there are sticky mouth cheek above are snot, or yellow snot, on the bus and do not let take down, it is really disgusting a whole road ah spitting to take off nausea, nausea a group of people; That being said, you should not sneeze directly in a mask. Experts suggest taking off the mask and quickly blocking the mouth with the arm sleeve to confirm the eyes, you are the person I want to score points! I did not pick, I was off to change the mask, I used several masks a day [expression] This afternoon on the bus on two, the elderly, two actually close to pick the mask, around scared to avoid…

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So you should carry multiple masks, easy to replace so I always carry a pack of tissues, there will not be this situation, there is no double standard, anyway, there are love, resentment, many sneezing and coughing prefer not to wear a mask, feel it is intentional, with your hands are not willing to cover, There are some restaurants do not wear a mask Panyu Zhong village spa dragon side of the food to talk saliva spray on the above said still with you staring agree! It seems that even if all of them are released, they will not return to 2019, and most people have been severely brainwashed. Suddenly found this TM call post! It's normal. Masks are for other people, aren't they… I think it's a problem if you don't take your mask off and it's like taking your pants off and farting and it's uneducated and it's disgusting