There are 20 buildings in our community, of which 18 are in the community and 2 are outside the community, and I live in one of the two buildings. The full set of shops in Tianhe District of Guangzhou also live outside the community. Today, the property manager came to collect the property fee, and I asked her about the same price as the property fee in the community. Then I asked the upstairs and downstairs neighbors, they all said no, they mean we live outside the community, there is no security, no one to do sanitation, let alone the so-called green, only give us two garbage cans, but they have to charge the same property fee as the inside, they think it is unreasonable, do you think I should pay this property fee?

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Do not pay the collective do not pay do not pay this our county urban management bureau has a reply, must pay how there are two buildings outside the community, you do not enter and exit the community through the gate is certainly not paid, property is a pit owners of a bottomless pit in the outside of course do not pay the reason is not important, look at the strength, can not pay certainly do not pay the main you even if there is no property does not affect the usual living environment, Guangzhou Baiyun Water will review the property in life does not provide any service, you can not pay this post before who has not been sued what community so excellent is Huachang do not pay, pay a fart, pay is stupid, outside the community, half, or do not pay in theory must be paid, because the neighbors have something or need to negotiate the property to deal with! Elevator garbage should also be property treatment!

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But if the group doesn't give advice go with the flow. The property lawsuit will Sue the whole building! There must be a way to negotiate! The most beautiful park in Guangzhou is not Xinglin Wenhua Garden, the previous house is seen there are two outside the housing prices sold in the community is certainly not the same, otherwise we must choose the community personal think: ordinary community to pay property fees is simply to increase the burden of owners, on mortgages and various family expenses have put people under pressure to support the original! Interesting topic! Property service is a contractual relationship, the contract must contain the rights and obligations of both parties, see what obligations the other party has, if not, the owner can put forward a simultaneous performance defense. No, it was the puppy. But why did you choose to buy those two? The so-called property is the black will not Yangtang subway security housing, the other two elevator door sets did not give me to do

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Where does Xiamen have the entity store of pregnant women's and children's hospital opposite a row of shops Ruijing commercial square women's and children's hospital opposite the plane good

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Recently, I paid a deposit to buy a house, and I feel that it is expensive, and there is a risk of delay, and I want to return or talk about a price. I haven't slept well in days because of this house. Paid me, got no receipt, signed the contract and gave me nothing. Heart tired there is a transfer record, don't buy the house that deposit is not, quit… Spur of the moment. Or I don't want the deposit. Or just take it and stop thinking about it. Now buy a house, not afraid of the end? After all, it is the future house waiting for two years have not waited, do not buy the future house, the existing house, the second-hand house bar quoted Panyu Shiji Spa one-stop building firefly 8686 published in 2022-11-24 05:22 to buy a house: recently paid a deposit to buy a house, I think it is expensive, and there is a risk of delay, Want a refund or a better offer. I haven't slept well in days because of this house. Paid me, got no receipt, signed the contract and gave me nothing. Heart tired where the new plate, about how much price, reference to add me ha, private you