I know him for nearly 2 months, at first did not care about him, the first 2 weeks, I think I can develop with him, the psychological side has accepted him, slowly, and he often together, feel inseparable from him, but a few days ago found his "secret", originally, he still forget his first love, he is still waiting for her. But now in his side is me, I have been sad, heartache, he also asked me to find a better person than him, but I still do not want to leave him. In fact, he is not handsome, nor very outstanding, I also don't know why I fell in love with him, what should I do? Keep doing this with him? If I had a choice, I would rather not know everything! What to do! Men don't want you! Wake up. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe it's an excuse because he was nice to me when we were together! Local women I can't afford to always feel that no one is better than him, in fact, to leave is to meet the next, so don't be too entangled, let go. The machinations of men. Pretend infatuation he can not forget the first love does not mean that the woman can not forget him to see you want to insist on the far water near fire Yueyue you don't go how still in I am insisting, just now still together, but things can not be so unclear, do not know how to do? 7 floor is the solution can not forget first love. Never consider such a man to persuade the landlord to give up really can not put what is good for you. Unless I want to fuck you and I can't let go of what's best for you. Unless I want to fuck you out of your anger. Well, I don't give a second look at someone I can't let go of. I don't give a second look at someone I can't let go of. What do you want
Cut the post to read, listen to music, shopping, travel, get used to a person. I also came over to listen to the song to ease the haha and then find a better anger than him ha ha ha ha 29 to find something to do, don't let yourself have spare time to think about him! Go to more parties with friends and meet guys better than him !!!! Come on !!!! Find another one. Be quick. Even a lover. I just can't have time to think about this person. That can not meet better than him how to do ah, ha ha looking for one, into it, will forget the past that single ah!! Just have friends!! Single is also good!! How nice!! Live your own life! Only oneself is love oneself!! Anyway, the one who belongs to me will appear! The time has come!! Take your time! Yes! It's you who can't escape !!!! I have no friends, when sad do not know who to say, one night actually can not help but cry on the roadside, think of all shame. Poor baby/time will solve everything, or hurry up and find a boyfriend will be fine I still have more than three years to break up today, don't be sad. In fact, friends can be made!! Lighten up, you'll be popular! I do! Try to make friends boldly, well, thank you, I will be fine, he failed me, I can not live up to myself. Let's find a friend. How did she fail you? It wasn't an amicable break up
With the growth of age and lack of exercise at work hope to go to full name fitness play tennis hope someone can go together!!! QQ592937902 phone 13884440199 what tennis play too tired………… So far did not distinguish the difference between the badminton court and the tennis court so there are many in the tennis court in playing badminton………… People are speechless………… speak do not understand………… Fortunately I do not play women free women free? It seems the tennis courts are open to all the public