Spent 200 on shopping at the mall today. Dare not eat out, the result of the noon bus frequency is less and wait for a long time to have a bus. New Year gifts to buy what good parents? Red envelopes they dare not accept, I looked at it today, want to send tea and health care products can it? I haven't bought it yet. The temple master reminded me to go home to find a job better, I want to look again, really did not plan to go home at the end of the month, listen to the master's hometown to look.

At present will not starve to death, afraid of too many job seekers after the competition is greater
I don't have much advantage in my age. Recently depressed mood, afternoon hit swollen face filled fat? Learn skills ah New Year, my mother as long as the big red envelope [expression] are unemployed do not have to buy things, safely with savings home on it! Finding a job as soon as possible is the best gift for parents! Buy something to eat, it is not expensive, a good year to find it, hard, the epidemic is over, there will be many opportunities to see what is less in the hometown to buy what! Look for a job when you're starving to death and come back if you want. Work stuff. I'm looking for it, but I can't hurry. Is this unemployment? As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world!

Sports lottery can buy a single score or win or lose
Such as the question. Answer did not buy, said do not understand the answer downstairs can ah, pay a win or lose odds are relatively low. The score may be high, but the hit rate is low. Can the principal point is good, do not explosive pressure 100W 0.23 ratio can also earn 23W score can buy a single. Winning or losing depends on whether the game is worth playing. The World Cup can buy the score of a game, some odds are very low, some odds are very high, such as the upset. Buy win and draw, generally to 2 games, rarely guess a single game and buy mixed pass, total goals, half the court, let the ball win and draw.

These guys haven't done much research
Single pass can buy alone to win or lose, others can not, the score can not be in, don't waste money in view of the World Cup game we can not control refuse to accept betting Ah oh ~ the user has entered the small black room to rest because of violations… Refer to Group B. If you meet a parent, play the game. Don't buy it! Don't play, unless you are absolutely sure, I am a loss, really can't help you ah. Hah… Score, total goals, half the game can pay to see if there is a single, if not, you can do a false single (so the odds will be reduced) I am a sports shop, not clear can ask me no profit, unless strung together, or ten games you only lose 2 games, the basic you will lose, so the dealer steady profit.