I am a migrant worker who came to Xiamen, the time flies in a blink of an eye is 20 years, during which I feel the changes of Xiamen bit by bit, day by day becoming beautiful, comfortable, warm, can not help but be filled with emotions. Now I am a bus driver of Lucheng Bus, and I have worked for 10 years. As a participant and builder of the transportation system, I have witnessed the joint development of various departments under the leadership of Xiamen Municipal Committee and government at all levels. It has formed the three-dimensional transportation network of subway, BRT, bus, taxi, ferry and so on, which has popularized every corner and surrounding area of Xiamen, greatly facilitating the travel of citizens, improving the quality of life and full of happiness. Under the overall arrangement, collective thinking and bold innovation of leaders at all levels of the company, our bus group reformed and established a Lucheng bus Company from the original three subsidiaries in the island, which not only facilitates management, improves the reasonable operation of buses, but also saves the source and opens the flow and improves the treatment of employees, making the whole company more cohesive. Under the leadership of Secretary Lin Shengneng and General Manager Liang Qiongpu, Lucheng Bus actively cooperated with all departments and all employees to forge ahead and continuously optimize bus routes, develop subway connection lines, advocate non-catering carriages, implement zebra crossing concessions, and launch a series of actions, including continuous improvement in bus operation and strengthening safety management. Long-term adhere to provide employees with safety education, psychological counseling and a series of training, effectively improve the quality of employees. This not only facilitates the travel of passengers, improves the safety and comfort of the ride, but also allows passengers to save money and improve their lives. Especially during the epidemic period, all of our company worked as one, actively cooperated with the traffic arrangements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, provided high-quality epidemic prevention services and so on. In such a beautiful and warm Xiamen, as a bus driver and a participant in urban transportation, I always encounter some accidents in my daily work due to complex traffic conditions such as large cars, many people and many cars, and I personally have a lot of areas to improve. I sincerely hope that all traffic participants, especially passengers, Please give our work a little more support, a little more tolerance, we will certainly work harder and actively correct mistakes. I believe that the whole company is willing to contribute to the construction of beautiful Xiamen and the development of safe and convenient urban transportation. Face the wind and waves forward, safe travel you, me and him. I believe Xiamen will have a better future. Thank you! This year-end review, very good, ha ha ha brainstorming This is the speech above the year-end conference

●[Local gossip][11-30] People used to look at you with a mask, now people look at you without a mask.
People used to look at you with a mask, now people look at you without a mask. Masks lost several a day that do not wear a mask issued in the unit do not wear a mask is really, go out in the morning into the elevator, carrying more things in the hand, the mask in the bag did not have time to take out, just came in a neighbor, wearing a mask to look at me, I quickly put the mask out to wear, when they were embarrassed that this is a little interesting life, the most important thing is happy!

● How to directly preview the data shared by Baidu Cloud disk on the computer?
Such as the question, I can directly preview on the mobile phone, the computer opened Baidu cloud disk can only download to see, but the company's computer memory is insufficient, I am afraid of toss bad. Or I download will only exist on the Internet, that can also be, I am afraid that the computer will affect the normal operation of the work platform normal look will not have any impact on the cache after watching the computer butler clean up the garbage is good transfer to your own network disk can be as long as your computer display, even if you think it is online things (such as you watch a video of iQiyi, You think the video is on the Internet, but it is actually cached to the machine to watch). So it's actually all on your computer, one in memory and one in hard drive, so you're not solving the problem in the right direction