I'm an only child, and I haven't seen much of my mother since I was 18. I was 40 years old when I went back to live with my mother. My mom died a few years later. My mother's funeral I can not call a person, because I do not have any relatives in my hometown, and my husband is not around, this if I have a daughter, I will not let her marry outside the province.

You're on your own. You can't talk for the rest of your life
If I give birth to a daughter, I would rather he be single all his life than let him marry outside the province, marrying a daughter outside the province is equivalent to losing the daughter. I came to Xiamen from the northeast is relatively superior, at least from a small place to come to the big city. If you are in Xiamen to go to a small place, then you are still dead this line, after all, there are many men like rice, but only one mother even if it is married to suffer, you will not say with the home, because you want to marry so far, everyone will only say that you deserve it. If you marry outside is relatively poor, you also have to rely on your own, a lifetime can not speak. It's okay, and I can't go back to my mother's house because it's too far away. The New Year will also be divided last year and go to my home. You will miss all the holidays with your mother and all the birthdays, and then slowly you do not have the feeling of home you do not necessarily have my heart strong, at least I do not rely on others, I do not care too much about these, but not ordinary people can, I have seen a lot of provincial people live very desolate hope to give you this reminder. I'd rather not have a daughter.

If you can't, nip it in the bud
Don't talk about convenient transportation, how many people can afford to pay for multiple air tickets? If there are conditions for parents to pick up together, if there are no conditions, early kill in the cradle, more men are, not only one why want to marry? How are you going to have dinner with your parents this weekend? How long can I get to my parents when they are sick? ? Most of the women in love are not clear-headed Shenzhen so many couples, are from all over the country. They're not Cantonese, and they're from two different provinces. That's right. We are 300 kilometers apart, every holiday will feel inconvenient, all regret to marry far away, language barrier, less many relatives. Is there anyone that stupid? Family is good, high probability is the male door parents in, do not travel. This was passed down from ancient times, and there were few only children in ancient times. Let him be the live-in son-in-law to put it plainly is not satisfied with your boyfriend I used to a colleague two couples a Longyan a Nanjing, a holiday began to quarrel to which city to celebrate.

It is impractical to marry far away, especially the only one
If the two of you can afford a plane a day forget I said anything, it's enough money to be on call. Married people say a few words, far marriage is impractical, especially the only one, change position to think… When you're a mom, you'll understand your parents. A marriage without the blessing of parents will not be happy. Or listen to your parents do not love brain, before marriage think about now traffic is so developed, go back to the mother is not said to go back, after marriage you will find that in fact it is not so, the identity of the experience to tell you, listen to your mother, it is correct as a experience to advise the Lord do not marry far away can go to the city you want to live together, Not in the difficult side of the hometown is not in their own hometown, there is no far marriage, or look at the two family conditions in the local better where to develop, parents do not have the other parents have nothing to say, all day long roll children parents do not have to roll a roll which day your son like the province, then see how you answer this question. It is not good to marry far away, the province will also marry far away, you are just happy at present, the road will be more difficult. Unless you get married and live in your parents' city. Marriage is not love, after marriage bumps and bruises are inevitable, far from parents, after marriage quarrel, you even have no one to talk to.

What the netizens said is to the point
You can't choose your parents, you can't choose who to be your parents, but you can choose where to marry, you can choose who to marry, see you describe the words are more emphasis on their own feelings rather than parents, so far no one than your parents to you, unless your boyfriend has a house, a car, savings and millions of dollars a year, flying can be like a bus without consideration, Then you can choose to marry far away! As long as the money is enough, in the community next to your boyfriend's home, then buy a suite to take your parents over to settle down, or in the community next to your parents' home to buy a suite, you can take your husband and children back to live at any time during the holidays and winter vacations every year. Sick people need to take care of, when I was a child, my parents should take care of my cold and fever. When parents are old and seriously ill, or even have problems with self-care, relatives and friends can't help take care of their parents every day, and wipe the body with excrement and urine. Ya-ya's right. Don't put love first! Unless the man's family is rich enough, or there is really no reason to marry far away, maybe you love the death of life now, but eventually will return to the plain, the netizen said is very relevant. Don't envy, after marriage, parents and sisters are in the same community, baby do not worry about no one to help, do not worry about no place to eat, do not worry about holidays to go to who's home. Really don't mention how much incense can not marry far away, or later have regrets, with who is not living, love! It's just chemistry. It's not gonna last. It's better to keep it for later. Love comes first when you're young.

Life's problems posts on Fishnet have various answers
A little older. You will find. Mom and Dad. Is your true sponsor. Better not to marry far away. Will regret the upstairs everyone said is I want to say the concept of a change, the distant marriage into the name of the son-in-law, give birth to two children with a mother's name a husband's name, a step to see who you let my daughter go to college first I hope she is in the local, more do not agree with her distant marriage, strongly disagree! The posts of life problems in the fish net are issued with various answers, and they are not the same, the important words are their own choices… After all, life is your own as someone who has advised your parents must listen. At that time, my father also told me that marrying far away was equal to not having me. But I married in the province and settled down in Xiamen after marriage. My dad said what if I got married and he asked me to go back to his city with him. In fact, it is impossible, because he worked for the public, it is impossible to go back. But the customs are not the same in the same place. Living habits are not the same, love is a matter of two people, marriage is a matter of two families.