After marriage, a lot of problems are helped by my parents or I will regret why I didn't listen to them. 19 years of marriage experience tells you that your parents are your strongest backers. Ah oh ~ The user has entered the small black room to rest due to violations… You go to Tiktok to search the video of distant marriage, although it is only the plot, but the plot comes from life, the number of distant marriage home will only become less and less, for the elderly to accompany the side to do filial piety is the reality, the number of encounters in the rest of life is few, the elderly headache and brain heat basically can not expect to touch too much, Tell you that you really can not marry away unless you plan to take the past to live together in the future, it is best not to me Zhangzhou Longhai marriage feel that a far trip back forty to fifty minutes every year at least New Year's Day Mid-Autumn Festival National Day Lunar New Year winter summer vacation can go to the mother-in-law's home walk is not good, they can also come to Xiamen to find us to marry parents in the province do not agree, let alone the province is a very realistic problem.

My mother-in-law doesn't understand Hokkien
Once upon a time I had a colleague, she was a girl from Heilongjiang Province, married to a local lang in Xiang 'an. She said to me every day that she regretted marrying far away, that she was not used to eating the dishes of her mother-in-law's family, and that her mother-in-law could not understand the Hokkien language. One day, after quarreling with her husband, she wanted to talk to her mother and she had to take a car and a plane to get to her mother's home, and the process was mentally and physically exhausted. I listen to her. She's not easy. Unless you and your mother's relationship has reached the level of hatred, the kind of meet do not want to meet, otherwise really do not marry far away. You have almost nothing to rely on when you marry far away, your parents have nothing to rely on, they can't help you when you are in trouble, and you can't be filial to them when they are old and sick. After a long marriage, you and your parents can be considered as the most frequent contact relatives. Men rely on the spectrum is good, not reliable is very sad to raise children for old age, or raise you to do what just see the post [11-20] really fast collapse, far married ah ?????

Only children do not marry far away
The only daughter, but also really don't marry far away, married far away, there is no place to cry to the girl, listen to everyone's right, everyone said is reality, very pertinent! Only children don't marry far away, listen to your mother. Love can be emotional, but marriage should be rational, to consider the future. If you don't believe it, you can search some lawyers live family marriage mediation, only daughter married far away, many children married far away really not a few happy, after a family life is unexpected. Experience tells you, really do not marry far away, even if the economic conditions can, there will be a variety of children will have a variety of concerns, 3-5 years to go home a trip is good. When I was a child, I had a very good relationship with my Cousins at home. Since my distant marriage, my relatives at home have basically cut off contact, and my parents will come to stay this year, or I will go home next year, and it is a luxury to see them once a year. Strange city, quarrel even have no place to go, no one to talk, really too bitter. It's silly enough that after you marry far away, you give your next life to your in-laws, and then really love your parents, miserable old age. Why? Just like raising a child, your mother's family has no children around.

I feel sorry for your parents
Don't say often go home to see things like, after you get married and have children, really have no time, no energy, to toss back home ~! Everyone in the group is right. There are men on the street, and there's only one mom. I feel sorry for your parents. Of course, is to marry the same city, relatives, classmates and friends are more, often can walk in the province is OK, far married is really very tired to listen to the words of parents must be correct, father let you not marry, must not marry, big husband no wife, big woman no husband. As an experienced person, I will not agree with my daughter to marry far away ~ know a few far married over, ten years to go back once or twice, far married is equal to no daughter ~ I am far married. Before, I could only go back once a year, by plane, the longest is to go back once every two years (but in the middle of my parents have come to Xiamen once), almost only once a year to see my family. But I can go back to play for two weeks or more each time, because the work is more free.

Are very reluctant to leave, very unhappy
After the economy is good, you can go back twice a year. If I had to choose again, I might not marry far away, because really, every time I went back before, I was very reluctant to leave and very unhappy. But all of this, if you are rich, it is not a problem, you can fly around all day, and there is a big premise, your husband is very, very good to you. [This post was re-edited by the Golden Apple of the Sun in 2022-11-21 12:47] Parents in, not to travel, let alone you are far married, unless the man is willing to long-term development in the local! Listen to your parents! They won't hurt you! Listen to your mother, yes, you are too young to understand, and so on later understand it is too late, experienced experience to share the elderly's consideration is a certain truth, will certainly feel that married far away, rarely back and forth, the key depends on how you say, how to do not marry far away is the experience of the experienced, is the painful experience of the married people, regret the opportunity to listen to the mother's words not to marry far, Now marry the same community, someone with baby, meal someone do, really not so tired, want to party with girlfriends have time not to take baby together, now he gave birth to a daughter, childhood education will not let her marry far away. Except in this city, they are far away from marrying far away mainly to see whether the man is worth marrying. And if your home is in good condition, or the local economy is good. There is a good development at home.

See if you LG can stay in your own home development. Or we could talk about developing in that city. I am also a distant marriage, marriage is the lowest point in life, home to me can only always put in the heart. I have lived in Xiamen for the longest time in my life.