In Guangzhou, please go to "Horsespace" 🥺
Zundu is too comfortable ~ in Pazhou Nanfeng
A true one-stop shop for eating, drinking and fun!

🏠 You Ma Space (Pazhou Store)
🈺️ Opening hours: 24h all day
📍 Address: Floor 2-3, Nanfenghui, 618 Xingang East Road

😶 environment
The whole design is simple and low-key and luxurious, the decoration and lighting design are very healing, and the feeling of charging 🔋 is so good!

Services 💁
Since entering the store in the parking lot, I have not pressed the elevator 🛗
Every floor is guided by the staff, and the service is super nice and intimate

🛀 supplies
Washing and care makeup supplies are all first-line brands, there are a full set of makeup remover products, there are disposable underwear, really intimate ❤️ in short, to "have a horse space" anything do not bring, take people to the past!

Food court
Lunch 🥣 : We are about 1 o 'clock at noon to go in, lunch generally no big goods, fruit drinks to eat, remember in the fruit bar some orchid latte, good to drink! 🥤

Dinner 🥣 : Dinner is the highlight! King crabs, hairy crabs, drunk crabs, polons, etc… Let's say a whole realization of seafood freedom 🦞
Iberian Black 5J Ham, Cheese Baked Lobster Foie gras, Tide brine, various sashimi… Everything is unlimited! I'm sorry if I don't eat until I get out of the wall…
All kinds of fruits, desserts, Haagen-Dazs, Thai coconut, Parisian water and so on are also optional!! As long as you can eat

Afternoon tea ☕️ : Dessert cake seasonal fruit eat eat

Midnight snack 🥣 : eat all day really can not eat, finally ate a soup powder and some fruit on the withdrawal…

Lunch, dinner, tea, midnight, and I haven't stopped all day

🥳 Fun zone
The 2nd floor has a constant temperature pool, sweat sauna, independent soak pool these are, there are 4 independent soak pool, it is recommended that friends take this moving line: bath - bath - exfoliation - sweat steaming - mask - bath shampoo - dinner - do projects (remember to bring a mask, sweat after the mask is super good)

The 3rd floor has board game area, Chinese culture 🀄️, cinema, PS5… Play tired can go to the hall to rest ♨️, simply don't be too addicted ~

Project service
Do the project is also charged, shoulder and neck massage, SPA, pedicure… Their aromatic SPA and ear cleaning are excellent, very comfortable and relaxing

Here can really interpret "cool to fly" this 4⃣️ word, eat, drink and play all day go in don't want to come out!!