A female buyer, receiving the goods said, bought the wrong, want sheets, do not bed, applied for returns, I said do not open all, affect the secondary sales. A few days ago, I returned to the post and found that the bag was broken, and the words XL were exposed inside, either clothes or pants, and I returned it wrong. Toss a few days, I finally returned, really affect the sales, I did not refuse, and she said, later to give people to return, a little respect, is not happy. I said, you this mixed Beijing, even a sorry, will not say ah, can buy the wrong, can return the wrong, you can also do something? I blocked her. As a result, I received a new message this morning, just from her. I guess I didn't sleep well all night. But, because I blocked it, I don't show what the other person said anymore. The bread sent to Guangzhou put the gate of the community, the good guy after nearly 20 days, to find that he did not receive, the Courier found him. I opened it and said it was hairy. The shelf life is only 7 days, ask why did not sign in time, and did not contact us. He said he'd done something wrong and had the police hold him for 15 days. Toss a long time also let him refund, complaints to Amoy small two, also did not return. I know a guy who buys a lot of clothes and stuff and tries them on or takes them apart and then returns them. Said did not want to buy, just want to try ~~ you do not have freight insurance, is so justified, what people have done something I know you are joking about the seller. Why Taobao is better than physical stores? It is precisely because this kind of dog does not like the terms can be returned at any time, otherwise, why would buyers spit on the physical store? In addition, online shopping is indeed only to see the picture, but not the real thing, sometimes the picture and the real color difference is really a little big, there will be returns. There is a woman in our unit finance, said that she bought more than 30 clothes, kept two, the rest are returned… Said very proud